Statement: SVLG CEO on CA Governor Newsom’s Executive Order on Responsible AI

“Silicon Valley is the epicenter of the AI revolution, which has the power to drive a new wave of economic growth and American technology leadership. And yet, generative AI raises legitimate concerns about its impact on our society.

That’s why the Silicon Valley Leadership Group launched our Responsible AI Working Group earlier this year, which has been actively engaging with leaders in Sacramento and across the region.  

And today, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued an executive orderto study the development, use, and risks of generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology throughout the state and to develop a deliberate and responsible process for evaluation and deployment of AI within state government.’

As the leading business association of the innovation economy, it’s encouraging to see Governor Newsom recognize the continued importance of strengthening our global competitive edge in technology. We believe that the principles outlined in the EO are core to conversations about the responsible development and use of AI. Last week, we had an opportunity to meet with legislators and legislative staff from around the state to discuss responsible AI deployment. SVLG and our member companies believe in the potential of this world-changing technology and look forward to remaining a part of these conversations and participating in a number of the provisions outlined in the EO.”