Inclusion & Belonging

Inclusion & Belonging

The SVLG Inclusion & Belonging Center of Expertise (COE) focuses on partnerships and policies around issues of equity, representation, and expanded opportunities in tech with an eye towards enhancing the region’s business competitiveness.

In Focus

Working groups and task forces of the Inclusion & Belonging Center of Expertise:

The Working Group increases access to sustainable jobs in tech and the innovation economy. Pathways to Tech will lift up best practices among SVLG members, and first focus on connecting STEM-ready candidates to jobs in Tech, whether these are STARs, the 70 million workers who are “skilled through alternative routes,” or other candidates who are underrepresented when it comes to tech jobs.

The Task Force leverages the collective muscle of Silicon Valley companies, colleges and universities to pass legislation AB 1054 (Berman), focused on increasing access to computer science education in California. Black, Latinx, and Native American/Alaskan Native students comprise 60 percent of California’s high school population but just 16 percent of AP Computer Science test-takers. In promoting equitable computer science education, the CSForAll Task Force will take a leading role in closing this gap.

Build community and increase retention in Silicon Valley corporations through curated programming and the use of technology. This group serves as a convener, bringing together member company employee resource groups (ERGs) and/or business resource groups (BRGs) and strengthens SVLG member companies’ commitment to attracting, hiring, retaining and promoting diverse talent in the innovation economy.

The group engages members in public policy conversations and legislative efforts to improve health outcomes and address regional health disparities. Through member engagement, this working group will raise awareness about what’s needed to improve outcomes for all patients, explore innovative solutions to overcoming structural racism and systemic injustice, and focus on how SVLG member companies and others are leading to ensure that all people are able to attain their highest level of health.

The Working Group convenes SVLG’s Healthcare members to introduce and evaluate pending policies and initiatives that impact the healthcare industry.  This working group will meet monthly to consult and collaborate on the industry’s best practices, advise on or advocate/defend healthcare legislation, and build community amongst the healthcare industry.

Team Member

Lisa Gauthier

Senior Vice President, Inclusion & Belonging

David Palter

Senior Director, Higher Education and Workforce Development

To get involved, please contact Lisa Gauthier at 


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Diverse leadership teams are proven to positively impact the bottom line and to generate tangible dividends in innovation, market share, and revenue. We look forward to working alongside our members and partners to chart a path toward a brighter, more equitable future.

Lisa Gauthier

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Inclusion & Belonging latest insights

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are integral to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, and are a focus of SVLG's Inclusion and Belonging Center of Expertise, whose mission is to make Silicon Valley a leading destination for diverse talent.
Last month, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) joined Growth Sector’s STEM Core Bay Area students at company member HNTB’s office in San Jose, California. The one-day workshop connected community college students from across the Bay Area with working professionals at HNTB.
The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) – the leading business association representing the innovation economy and its ecosystem – today announced four new initiatives focused on issues of equity, representation, and expanded opportunities in tech with an eye towards enhancing the region’s business competitiveness.
Two years ago SVLG launched an ambitious initiative designed to literally change the face of Silicon Valley, Pledge 25x25. This effort is designed to both help address, and overcome, the systemic professional barriers underrepresented persons face in corporate settings. On behalf of our member companies, since 2021, we’ve made significant progress, learned a few valuable lessons, and maintained momentum in spite of significant social and economic headwinds. However, and at the same time, we have also seen two landmark pieces of board diversity legislation in California struck down and are now existing in a world where race-based college admissions policies are deemed unconstitutional.

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