Special Events

A summary of our top four biggest events this year.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group offers a variety of engagement opportunities for our members We host a both high-impact and exclusive events. Our events give you the chance to be in front of 200 - 500 C-suite level executives, elected officials, and member company representatives, they also give you the chance to network and discuss current issues as well as feature memorable keynote speakers, and an unparalleled opportunity to learn about issues that align with your business and community goals.

Signature Events

MAY 30, 2024

THE NEW FACE OF DEI: HOW WE BUILD CORPORATE COMMUNITY, Presented by the San Francisco 49ers & Tipping Point Community

SVLG’s 4th Summit focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This year’s event builds on last year’s summit - Moment to Momentum – and will not only be inspiring and informative but also highlight how national leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors are working to create environments that are representative, fair, and inclusive.

JUNE 21, 2024

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH SUMMIT, Presented by Western Digital

Get ready for an inspiring day at SVLG's 12th Annual Sustainable Growth Summit on June 21, 2024, hosted at Oracle. Sustainable Growth entails addressing the world’s most intractable environmental issue - the climate crisis - while continuing to allow for innovation and finding solutions that fit business’s bottom line as well as environmental needs.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2024


SVLG’s 2nd Annual Tech and Innovation Summit. This year’s theme – "Igniting Innovation: Driving the Next Tech Evolution" – will bring together leading artificial intelligence (AI) experts from around the nation for a captivating exploration of the technology’s transformative potential.

**Please note hybrid events can be moved to virtual if deemed necessarily for safety.

Government Relations Events

MARCH 6, 2024

Sacramento Advocacy Day

This Silicon Valley Leadership Group annual event is where we engage with our state government on Silicon Valley’s policy priorities. The Silicon Valley executive delegation will meet with key state Senate and Assembly leaders, the Governor’s office, constitutional officers and key agency leaders.

Become a Sponsor

There are sponsorship opportunities available for most of our events. As a Leadership Group Event Sponsor, you are affiliating your brand with one of the largest advocacy groups in the Silicon Valley. Our events are well-attended, well-respected, and have measurable impact on the community. Please help us continue to provide topical, interesting events by sponsoring one today. Contact us at events@svlg.org for more information.