Special Events

A summary of our top four biggest events this year.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group offers a variety of engagement opportunities for our members We host a both high-impact and exclusive events. Our events give you the chance to be in front of 200 - 500 C-suite level executives, elected officials, and member company representatives, they also give you the chance to network and discuss current issues as well as feature memorable keynote speakers, and an unparalleled opportunity to learn about issues that align with your business and community goals.

Signature Events

MARCH 29, 2023

MOMENT TO MOMENTUM SUMMIT, Presented by Genentech & San Francisco 49ers

The 2023 RJE Summit, Moment to Momentum, is about ways Silicon Valley companies are taking the events and conversations around diversity of the last three years and trying to catalyze them into lasting change. A dynamic and interactive event, the content is open to those directly involved in corporate conversations on equity and identity as well as those who want to get involved and know more. Headlined by a celebrity keynote that bridges the space between media and tech, our event also features two panels on key issues that touch on the intersections of inclusion and innovation economy.  It’s an opportunity to directly connect with diversity officers from our member companies and beyond as well as a chance for them to connect with each other. 

JUNE 8. 2023

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH SUMMIT, Presented by Western Digital

The Leadership Group will host its 11th annual Energy & Sustainability Summit, Presented by Western Digital. Past speakers such as Al Gore, The United States' special presidential envoy for climate, John Kerry, and EPA Administrator, Micheal Regan have joined us for these important and timely conversations. This full-day conference will provide plenty of networking opportunities while educating and engaging our audience.

OCTOBER 13, 2023

SVLG RETREAT, Presented by Amazon

2023 has been a year filled with innovations and incredible transformation in Silicon Valley. From the exponential growth of AI to advancements in healthcare and the continued progress of autonomous vehicle technologies, our region’s innovation economy is powering the next era of growth, both in California and around the globe. To explore these changes and what lies ahead, SVLG is proud to convene our inaugural event focused on technology & innovation.

DECEMBER 14, 2023

ANNUAL FORUM, Presented by Amazon and PG&E

The Leadership Group’s year-end event is a highly anticipated gathering that will take place at Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, on December 14, 2023 and bring together industry leaders, innovators, and policymakers.

**Please note hybrid events can be moved to virtual if deemed necessarily for safety.

Government Relations Events

MAY 23, 2023

Sacramento Advocacy Day

This Silicon Valley Leadership Group annual event is where we engage with our state government on Silicon Valley’s policy priorities. The Silicon Valley executive delegation will meet with key state Senate and Assembly leaders, the Governor’s office, constitutional officers and key agency leaders.

Become a Sponsor

There are sponsorship opportunities available for most of our events. As a Leadership Group Event Sponsor, you are affiliating your brand with one of the largest advocacy groups in the Silicon Valley. Our events are well-attended, well-respected, and have measurable impact on the community. Please help us continue to provide topical, interesting events by sponsoring one today. Contact us at events@svlg.org for more information.