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Ahmad Thomas, President & CEO

Jason Baker, Senior Vice President, Transportation, Health and Housing 408.501.7884

Brian Brennan, Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, State & Federal Coalitions 408.453.4752

Phyllis Claassen, Senior Vice President, Administration & Finance 408.501.7855

Ceci Conley, Senior Associate, Transportation and Housing 408.501.7887

Angelica Cortez, Vice President, Racial Justice & Equity 408.501.7852

Shannon De-Atley Johnson, Vice President, Events 408.453.4753

Pedro David Espinoza, Vice President, Business Development  408.501.7878

Sara Garcia, Director, Education & Workforce Development 408.453.4751

Vanessa Grijalva, Office Manager 408.501.7864

Justin Hyer, Vice President, Government Relations 408.501.7888

Dan Kostenbauder, Vice President, Tax Policy 408.501.7881

Kelli Kuykendall, Digital Content Manager, Communications  408.200.2330

Christophe LaBelle, Senior Associate, Environment & Energy  408.453.4754

Courtney Louisy, Executive Assistant to the CEO 408.200.2356

Peter Leroe-Muñoz, Senior Vice President, Technology & Innovation 408.200.2357

Tim McRae, Vice President, Energy & Environment  408.501.7871

Mike Mielke, Senior Vice President, Head of Public Policy 408.501.7858

David Palter, Senior Director, Workforce Development 408.501.7876

Kristen Petersen, Senior Associate, Government Relations 408.501.7876

Vince Rocha, Senior Director, Housing and Community Development 408.910.4616

Riley Robbins, Senior Vice President, Communications 408.501.7853

Stephen Tu, Director, Transportation Policy 408.501.7870

Aakash Vashee, Senior Associate, Government Relations 408.501.7880

Kathleen Wortham, Director, Health & Housing Policy  408.501.7854

Peggy Yonts, Senior Director, Human Resources 408.501.7857

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