Core Priorities

Driving towards a more competitive, inclusive and sustainable future for the innovation ecosystem.

Policy Priorities

Working to address issues that affect the region’s economic health and quality of life.

In recent years, SVLG and our members have prioritized market-moving legislation and investments in clean technologies and climate change mitigation, affordable housing, workforce development, business tax policy, sustainable infrastructure, and of course, new frontiers like autonomous vehicles.

But policy is just one facet of the new SVLG. We’re also working to transform the face of business leadership and promote a more diverse and inclusive working environment for the Valley and beyond. We recognize that advancing a bold DEI agenda is more than just the right thing to do, it is also a business imperative for the future of the innovation economy.

As we look to accelerate the next era of Silicon Valley leadership, SVLG is launching three new Centers of Expertise (COE).

The new Centers of Expertise will drive an “Acceleration Agenda” focused on:
• Technology and Innovation
• Inclusion and Belonging
• Sustainable Growth

This work will build upon SVLG’s proven track record of policy and advocacy success, while empowering member companies to be more agile, effective, and creative in tackling the most pressing issues facing the innovation economy and the region.

Technology & Innovation

We're laser-focused on maintaining California's position as the premier place to test and deploy innovative technologies. Key priorities include advocating for market-moving policies and regulations that support emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and digital currency, as well as supporting a fair business tax system that will promote continued growth.

Sustainable Growth

We're committed to a vision for Silicon Valley that positions the region as the global leader when it comes to climate, infrastructure and housing. Key priorities include increasing California's housing supply, promoting grid reliability, and supporting the transition to a clean energy future.

Inclusion & Belonging

We work to advance policies and initiatives that will lead to a more equitable and inclusive workforce and region. Key priorities include dispelling the STEM pipeline myth for diverse talent, addressing systemic barriers to STEM, and raising awareness around health equity and innovation.