SVLG's world-class programming with leading voices shaping the issues of our day.


SVLG's world-class programming with leading voices shaping the issues of our day.

Silicon Valley Vibes Podcast

On this Episode of Silicon Valley Vibes, our host Peter Leroe-Muñoz speaks with Sydnee Journal from Aurora on their autonomous vehicles and workforce development initiatives. Our host Nadia Anderson talks with Scottie Carter, a DEI Practitioner, on where he sees the intersection of AI and DEI. Finally we hear a rebroadcast of a conversation between SVLG's CEO Ahmad Thomas and Vice President Al Gore at last year's SVLG Energy and Sustainability Summit.

Silicon Valley Vibes E19: Emilio Tenuta

On this episode of Silicon Valley Vibes, we feature Emilio Tenuta, the Senior Vice President of Corporate Sustainability and Chief Sustainability Officer for Ecolab, to talk about the significance of Water resiliency in a Water constrained world.


Silicon Valley Vibes E18: Ashima Sharma

On this episode of Silicon Valley Vibes, Ashima Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of Dreami talks about closing workforce barriers by hyper-personalizing the mentorship experience for individuals with barriers to employment through her startup.


Silicon Valley Vibes E17: Ron Gonzales & Guisselle Nuñez

On this episode of Silicon Valley Vibes, Co-Authors Ron Gonzales & Guisselle Nuñez discuss “Life in the Fishbowl” where they take a deep dive into the personal side of politics that no one talks about and how their relationship intersects with both the formation of and content of their book.


Silicon Valley Vibes E16: Janey Rountree

On this episode of Silicon Valley Vibes, we feature Janey Rountree, The Executive Director of the California Policy Lab at UCLA. We talk with Janey about her use of predictive analytics to identify those at the highest risk of becoming unsheltered, and how she is working with local agencies to provide tailored support to try …


Highlight Videos

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) announced the launch of three new Centers of Expertise (COEs) in support of the organization’s 2023 agenda: Accelerating the Next Era of Silicon Valley Leadership.

Former VP Al Gore joined the chorus of leading global voices calling for new, more effective leadership at the World Bank at the “ESG to Carbon Free Summit.”

New Microelectronic Commons Northwest AI Hub will yield breakthroughs in semiconductor industry with new cross-functional capabilities.

Signature Events Videos

A conversation with Jennifer Granholm, Secretary, US Department of Energy from SVLG’s SUSTAINABLE GROWTH 2023 Summit, sponsored by Western Digital.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan discusses how they’re leveraging the multiplier impact of public-private partnerships to drive innovative evironmental solutions.

Climate investor and activist Tom Steyer shares his optimism about solving the climate crisis.

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