A summary of our exclusive roundtable discussions

The Leadership Group offers a number of sponsored roundtable opportunities each year. These popular events facilitate conversations with other member company participants and a special guest from the executive suite, media, or local, state, and federal levels of government. Note: SVLG Access roundtables are open to the public. All others are available for SVLG members only.

IDEA: Innovation and Dynamic Economy in Action

Covering current issues in business competitiveness, startup culture, innovation ecosystems and driving entrepreneurship.

Capitol Connection

Discussing legislative, policy and election issues with elected officials, staffers and analysts from Sacramento and Washington D.C.


Future leaders, tomorrow’s technologies, and the cutting edge policies set to drive the agenda.

Inclusive Conversations

Important panels on diversity, representation and inclusion in our companies and communities covering Racial Justice & Equity matters, Women’s issues, and LGBTQIA topics.

BASE Lines: Bay Area Sustainability and Energy

Climate, Energy, ESG, and Greentech dialogues and insights for the Bay Area and beyond

The Local Level

Meeting the Mayors, City Managers, Officers and Representatives in our region and talking about the themes that drive issues at the local level

Women’s Leadership Series

As women navigate the workforce, they are challenged to proactively manage their growth and development to prepare for the leadership roles they desire. For the past 15 years, SVLG’s Women’s Leadership Series has been one that brings together a diverse mix of successful women leaders. These power leaders provide an understanding of the steps they have taken to climb the corporate ladder to a successful leadership position. It is the intent of this series to educate, provide practical strategies to adapt plans, and a means to encourage women to establish their own goals and objectives in achieving advancement within their own organization or agency.

SVLG Access

Free to non-SVLG members and the press, these events are set around breaking subjects and fast-moving issues featuring top voices and topical content.

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For more information on our roundtables or sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at

Contact Us

For more information on our roundtables or sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at