Work to Change the Face of Silicon Valley Continues

Two years ago SVLG launched an ambitious initiative designed to literally change the face of Silicon Valley, Pledge 25×25. This effort is designed to both help address, and overcome, the systemic professional barriers underrepresented persons face in corporate settings.  On behalf of our member companies, since 2021, we’ve made significant progress, learned a few valuable lessons, and maintained momentum in spite of significant social and economic headwinds.  However, and at the same time, we have also seen two landmark pieces of board diversity legislation in California struck down and are now existing in a world where race-based college admissions policies are deemed unconstitutional.

Despite these challenges, we remain committed to increasing corporate representation. So in true tech fashion, we’re continuing to be solutions oriented and updating Pledge 25×25 based on what we learned, where we see opportunities and aligning them with proven best practices for corporate change. Here’s where SVLG and our pledge companies will focus time, attention and resources, when it comes to corporate representation: 

  1. On metrics centered on year-over-year progress, rather than a finite date. Pledge 25×25 was designed with the year 2025 in mind, but we now fully understand that we’re on a journey. So we’re removing the end-date from our initiative and focusing on the growth and change we’d all like to see. Twenty-five percent of executive positions with hires from underrepresented groups or pledging that the number of underrepresented individuals in leadership roles will increase by at least 25 percent – the new Pledge 25×25. 
  2. In support of the people leading, working and advocating for increased equity and representation. This is in direct response to feedback we received from all member companies during a series of listening sessions we’ve hosted over the years. Working to increase representation, bring other voices to the table and create safe spaces for discourse takes a toll, both personally and professionally. So we’re adding an element that focuses on those in the arena, because as we all know, you cannot pour from an empty cup. 
  3. As a convener, clearinghouse and resource for those committed to increasing representation and corporate change. This is where SVLG is uniquely suited to add value and drive positive change. And on behalf of, and in service to our member companies and community partners, will bring people together, host events and symposia and increase our distribution and promotion of best practices, research and other resources for those working to increase representation in corporate spaces. 

As the nation’s most effective and dynamic business association representing the innovation economy and its ecosystem, we know that we have a critical role to play. We also know that  sometimes you need to assess, pivot, and refocus – progress has been made, but the marathon continues. At SVLG we remain committed to our goals, and on behalf of our members and will continue iterating and working toward what we see as the next era of corporate leadership in Silicon Valley and beyond.  

We hope you join us – if you’re interested in learning more about Pledge 25×25, please contact SVLG Chief of Staff, Nadia Anderson (