Silicon Valley Leadership Group Unveils I-CAP’s Education and Advocacy Initiatives to Advance Responsible AI Policy in California for 2024

SAN JOSE, Calif. (January 30, 2024) – Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) – the leading business association representing the innovation economy and its ecosystem – today announced a robust series of 2024 education and advocacy-focused initiatives designed to advance the responsible deployment of AI, led by SVLG’s Institute for California AI Policy (I-CAP).

California is at the forefront of leveraging AI’s potential for societal benefit across government, technology, healthcare, transportation, and more. Through a series of convenings and strategic initiatives, I-CAP is educating policymakers, engaging stakeholders, and advancing a principles-based approach to addressing AI’s unique challenges and opportunities.

“AI, powered by Silicon Valley innovators, is the most transformative technology in a generation, and Sacramento will continue to be the epicenter of responsible AI policy,” said SVLG CEO Ahmad Thomas. “As Silicon Valley companies power the next wave of this technology, industry leaders are committed to working closely with California’s elected officials to ensure our region remains the global hub for AI innovation.

“That’s why I-CAP is launching a series of education and advocacy initiatives to convene experts, educate policymakers, and showcase cutting-edge solutions that will shape the future of responsible and equitable AI,” Thomas continued.

SVLG’s Annual Sacramento Advocacy this spring will focus on AI and provide member companies with an opportunity to engage directly with the state’s legislators and regulators and also be a forum to discuss best practices and key trends in the technology. Later in the year, SVLG’s 2nd Annual Tech & Innovation Summit will also center on AI and feature national leaders, executives, and top officials from the public and private sectors who are leading the way and working to accelerate and strengthen California’s position as the national leader on the subject.

Additionally, in 2024, SVLG I-CAP is launching a number of education and advocacy initiatives throughout the year, including:

  • AI Policymakers Series (Q1 2024): With more than a dozen AI-focused bills expected to be deliberated by the California Legislature this session, SVLG staff will convene members-only meetings with key authors to discuss priority pieces of legislation.
  • The AI Public Awareness Initiative (Q1 2024): Building capacity regarding AI and its various use cases is a top priority for SVLG member companies, and via the Smart Policy Forum series, the organization will focus on educating and raising the public’s awareness of AI’s current and future capabilities through events and media.
  • AI Demonstration Day (Q2 2024): SVLG member companies are at the forefront of AI advancement. Member companies will have the opportunity to showcase their technologies to key Sacramento leaders, sharing the positive benefits associated with responsible approaches to deployment.
  • Engaging an AI Expert Advisory Board (Q2 2024): The Valley is home to some of the leading minds on AI. SVLG’s goal is to convene those thinkers to build relationships between these individuals, their respective institutions, and our member companies who are leading on AI.
  • AI-Focused Fly-ins for Municipal and Local Leaders (Q2 2024): In partnership with statewide and national organizations and entities, SVLG will host local leaders and electeds from across the nation to see firsthand how Silicon Valley is approaching AI. The goal of these fly-ins is both capacity building and laying the foundation for future partnerships and collaborations that can scale.
  • Fellowship for the Next Generation of AI Experts (Q3 2024): SVLG staff will launch the first-of-its-kind policy fellowship for those studying artificial intelligence. Fellows benefit from exposure to the nation’s leading corporations working on AI and SVLG member companies will have the opportunity to engage with the next generation of AI experts.
  • Policy Research about The Future of the Tech Workforce (Q3 2024): AI will inevitably have an impact on the workforce, and SVLG is planning to work with leading researchers to understand how AI may impact the future of the workforce, to ensure the right programs, policies, and partnerships can be established to ensure access to opportunity.

Launched last month, I-CAP’s mission is to build the social and political capital needed for developing policy and regulatory solutions that are informed, balanced, responsible, and effective. The Institute has four main focus areas: education, policy engagement, thought leadership, and issue expertise.

I-CAP builds upon the ongoing efforts of SVLG’s Responsible AI Working Group and its work to identify five core principles for responsible adoption of this transformative technology – human-centered, explainable outcomes, equitable, secure, and risk mitigation. The Institute’s work spans all of SVLG’s Centers of Expertise: Technology and Innovation; Inclusion and Belonging; and Sustainable Growth.

To learn more about I-CAP and stay updated on 2024 events, reach out to SVP of Communications Laura Wilkinson (

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