Silicon Valley Leadership Group Forms I-CAP, a New Institute to Shape the Future of AI Policy in California

California is the epicenter of the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. Our state – which is home to 35 of the world’s top 50 AI companies in the world – is at the forefront of leveraging AI’s potential for societal benefit across government, technology, healthcare, transportation, and more.

Given California’s pivotal role, state policymakers and regulators will be on the leading edge of seeking to establish market-moving policies and oversight. And what happens in California won’t stay in California as other states consider policy formation as well.

It’s crucial that we bring together the relevant stakeholders – including industry leaders, AI experts, academics, and policymakers – to identify and address the real challenges and unique opportunities associated with this transformative technology.  

And as the most dynamic business association representing the innovation economy and its ecosystem, SVLG is uniquely positioned to ensure that the deployment of AI technology is done in a manner that equally reflects our innovative spirit, maintains California’s leadership role as the global hub of tech and innovation, and is done so in a manner that is inclusive and brings all voices to the table. 

That’s why, SVLG has announced the formation of the Institute for California Artificial Intelligence Policy (I-CAP). I-CAP’s mission will be to build social and political capital needed for developing policy and regulatory solutions that are informed, balanced, responsible and effective. 

I-CAP’s focus will first focus on California policy and Silicon Valley/ Bay Area municipalities, and in the future we envision this institute to grow and scale in impacting the state and national discussions around responsible AI. 

I-CAP will become the unified voice of the technology and innovation economy on AI matters in Sacramento. SVLG has already driven major efforts in this space, starting with our Responsible AI working group and engagements with state policymakers considering legislation in 2024.

So as the Golden State advances the policy debate on AI, SVLG and our member companies will work via  ICAP to make our voice heard. The initiative will be led by a dedicated steering committee and will focus on four pivotal areas:

  • Education: Inform industry, the public, and policymakers about how AI is helping to improve people’s lives, address societal and scientific issues, and build a stronger business and innovation economy.
  • Policy engagement: Engage with legislators and regulators in California to make the case for responsible AI principles that don’t hinder innovation.
  • Thought leadership: Develop research and white papers to provide insight into AI’s implications on the state’s economy, jobs, and innovation sector.
  • Issue expertise: Convene AI experts and leading voices to shed light on the transformative role of AI in healthcare, education, manufacturing, and more. 

I-CAP builds upon the ongoing efforts of SVLG’s Responsible AI Working Group – which recently shared its five core principles for responsible adoption of this technology – human-centered, explainable outcomes, equitable, secure, and risk-mitigation – and the Institute will work across all of  SVLG’s Centers of Expertise.  

Over the next few months, we will continue to engage with our members to drive a principles-based agenda and engage with policy makers in California and other states.