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2019 Accomplishments


AB 75 & SB 75 – Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review – Statewide Longitudinal Data System Budget Appropriation: SUPPORT

The education omnibus bill as part of the state budget appropriates $10,000,000 to establish the California Cradle-to-Career Data System Working Group to provide assessment, recommendations, and advice about a statewide data infrastructure that integrates data from state entities responsible for the education and workforce development of Californians at all levels. In order to identify gaps and evaluate the success of current and proposed programs, California needs a modernized education data system. The Leadership Group supported the appropriation of $10,000,000 to move this important policy priority forward by advocating with the Governor’s office directly.

AB 75 & SB 75 – Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review – Funding for K-12 Computer Science: SUPPORT

The education omnibus bill as part of the state budget appropriates $1,000,000 to fund a statewide K-12 Computer Science (CS) Coordinator role housed in the California Department of Education to support the rollout of CS across the state. In addition, the budget appropriates $7,500,000 to expand broadband access in schools and $22,100,000 for teacher professional development in a range of subjects, including CS. In California, CS is a voluntary subject area and so state investment – in particular, a statewide coordinator and funds for teacher professional development – is vital in order to expand access throughout the K-12 system, especially low-income and underrepresented student populations. The Leadership Group was part of a coalition of CS advocacy organizations that supported these critical state investments.


AB 56 – E.Garcia (District 56) California Clean Electricity Authority: OPPOSE

This bill would not have benefited Californians because it would have reduced or eliminated: energy service providers’ ability to buy clean energy and energy purchasing competition that customers highly value. For these reasons, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group opposed AB 56. The bill was defeated for this legislative session, with the Leadership Group testifying in opposition at the Senate Committee where it failed. The concept continues to be discussed at the California Public Utilities Commission and we will engage there as well.

AB 1100 – Kamlager-Dove (District 54) Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Local Parking Minimums: SUPPORT

This law benefits Californians by reducing barriers to electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure installation by clarifying that parking stalls served by EV charging stations qualify as “parking stalls” under local minimum parking requirements. Silicon Valley Leadership Group supports AB 1100 because it provides the flexibility needed to reach California’s goal (Executive Order B-48-2018) of placing five million Zero Emission Vehicles on California roads by 2030 to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and improve local air quality in all communities. The Leadership Group was one of the business groups that proudly worked for passage of AB 1100 as part of a coalition of clean air and clean technology groups.


SB 200 – Monning, E. Garcia, Bloom (Sen. District 17; Asm. Dists. 56 and 50) Drinking Water: SUPPORT

SB 200 creates the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund and establishes a process to provide ongoing funding of safe and affordable drinking water solutions for the over 1 million Californians who do not have access to this precious resource. SB 200 helps California by providing a long-term, dedicated source of funding for programs and projects that ensure universal access to safe clean drinking water for all of our state’s residents. The Leadership Group was proud to be one of the few business groups that worked as part of a coalition to support the bill.


SB 39 – Hill (District 13) Tobacco Product Labeling and Shipment Receipt: SUPPORT

SB 39 requires packages containing tobacco products to be labelled and signed for by a person 21 years of age or older. This aligns tobacco packages with alcohol packages, helps promote health equity and protects our most vulnerable populations, including our youth, from preventable diseases and health risks from tobacco products which are proven to be both addictive and deadly over time. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group supported the bill in writing and in talks with legislators as part of our Sacramento lobbying trip.

AB 744 – Aguiar-Curry (District 4) Health Care Coverage-Telehealth: SUPPORT

AB 744 requires reimbursement parity between a telehealth service “on the same basis and to the same extent” as an in-person health care visit. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group has a history of supporting telehealth legislation and supported AB 744 because our top priority is to increase access to health care across our state, particularly for our rural and underserved communities. This bill helps to increase access to health care for our rural communities, but also engages our urban communities who may have a difficult time getting to doctor’s offices for appointments. The Leadership Group worked with a broad coalition to urge passage of the bill.

Housing & Community Development

AB 1482 – Chiu (District 17) Rent Increase Cap: SUPPORT

Leadership Group members have a difficult time attracting and retaining employees due to high housing costs. AB 1482 is a 10 year rent stabilization measure that creates certainty for 8 million Californian renters by limiting rent increases to a maximum of 5% per year, plus inflation not to exceed 10%, and requiring “just cause” for eviction. The Leadership Group was proud to work with a broad coalition of housing, tenant and business groups towards its passage.

AB 1485 – Wicks (District 15) Streamlining for Moderate-Income Housing: SUPPORT

In 2017, the Leadership Group helped to shepherd SB 35 (Wiener) to passage, which provided entitlement streamlining for housing developments in jurisdictions that were not meeting their Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) obligations. This year we focused on AB 1485 which expands SB 35 streamlining to housing developments that include 20% moderate-income housing in jurisdictions that are not meeting their missing middle housing needs. We worked with Assemblymember Wicks to support this legislation because our communities are not building enough moderate-income housing and this is a category of housing that does not get public funding subsidies.


SB 468  Jackson (District 19) California Tax Expenditure Review Board: OPPOSE

SB 468, as introduced, would have repealed a number of large “tax expenditures,” including the R&D tax credit. Through the efforts of a coalition, of which the Leadership Group was a part, the bill was amended to eliminate its automatic repeal aspects and instead created a Review Board to evaluate tax expenditures. Because the Review Board would create uncertainty about the future of some key tax incentives and would also create unnecessary expense, the Leadership Group sent a letter to the Governor requesting his veto, which he did.

SB 37  Skinner (District 9) Corporate Tax Rates: OPPOSE

SB 37 would have increased corporate tax rates for large corporations by 2% to 10.84%. For some corporations with a high disparity of CEO to average worker compensation, combined with decreased U.S. employment and higher non-U.S. employment, the tax rate would have been increased to over 22%. Such high tax rates would make California much less competitive, resulting in a weaker economy, fewer jobs, and lower state revenue. The Leadership Group was part of a coalition that helped to prevent the bill from advancing out of the Rules Committee.

Tech & Innovation

AB 1760 – Wicks (District 15) California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: OPPOSE

AB 1760 would have expanded the scope of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to prevent companies from using personal data unless consumers opt-in. This bill would have harmed California’s economy by depriving consumers of information about commercial services that offer increased efficiency and security, while also unfairly burdening organizations that use consumer data for legitimate business purposes. The Leadership Group successfully advocated against AB 1760 by meeting individually with members of the Legislature, as well as joining a larger opposition coalition led by the California Chamber of Commerce.

SB 561 – Jackson (District 19) California Consumer Privacy Act: Consumer Remedies: OPPOSE

SB 561 tried to extend the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) by: expanding a consumer’s right of action against companies; denying companies compliance advice; and eliminating the grace period for corrections. This bill would have harmed California consumers by making privacy compliance less transparent, while subjecting companies to greater legal exposure without clarity or an opportunity to correct inadvertent errors. The Leadership Group successfully advocated against SB 561 by meeting individually with legislators during a series of trips to Sacramento.


AB 784 – Mullin (District 22) Zero-Emission Public Transit Buses: SUPPORT

The Governor signed AB 784, which benefits Californians by improving local air quality and community health, and strengthening in-state manufacturing job opportunities, innovation and clean transit options. The bill reduces the upfront capital and incremental costs, which speeds adoption and leads to immediate air quality improvements by accelerating the deployment of zero-emission vehicles for all Californians. The Leadership Group provided lead testimony with the bill author, and was one of the many business groups proudly working together for passage of AB 784 as part of a large coalition of clean technology companies, transit agencies, clean air coalitions and environmental groups. *Note: Zero-Emission Vehicles and EV Charging Infrastructure are also shared with Energy and Environment.



In Early 2019, the Leadership Group sent two teams focused on transportation funding to help make the case for VTA’s application for funding under a first of its kind expedited project delivery program from the Federal Transit Administration. In August 2019, FTA administrator Jane K Williams announced that FTA approved $125 million in funds to help BART Phase II, the project to extend BART to downtown San José. VTA was the first agency in the nation to be awarded funds under this new pilot project. Carl’s blog about it is here.

2018 Accomplishments

Education: Addressing the teacher shortage

The Leadership Group advocates for funding to recruit, train, and retain high-quality public school teachers. The state budget increased funding for all segments of public education and dedicated $125 million towards California’s ongoing teacher shortage.

More 2018 Wins

Energy: 100% Clean Energy by 2045 - SB 100 (de Leon)

The Leadership Group supported SB 100 – the bill increases the state’s renewable portfolio standard for clean energy to 60% by 2030 and has the state set a goal of zero carbon generation of energy by 2045. SB 100 was signed by Governor Brown.

More 2018 Wins

Environment: AB 1668 (Friedman) and SB 606 (Hertzberg)

Water Conservation & Drought Preparedness: AB 1668 (Friedman) and SB 606 (Hertzberg) – The Leadership Group worked with a coalition and lobbied for passage of these bills. AB 1668 and SB 606 set permanent water efficiency standards and implement drought preparedness measures through a collaborative process between the state and local water agencies. These conjoined bills will help ensure our region and the state is well prepared for the next drought. The Governor has signed these bills.

More 2018 Wins

Health Policy: AB 2517 (Wood & Arambula)

The establishment of an Advisory Panel was introduced as a bill and was ultimately funded in the state budget. The Leadership Group advocated for a package of health reform bills to increase access to care and sought a compromise that would identify alternatives to a costly Single Payer health care proposal. The Advisory Panel is a critical step in crafting effective, sustainable policy that can stabilize the health care market and provide universal access to quality care.

More 2018 Wins

Housing & Community Development: Props 1 & 2

The Leadership Group’s work on propositions 1 and 2, from the November 6, 2018 ballot, helped these important ballot measures pass with sweeping majorities. Prop 1 authorizes $4 billion in bonds to build and provide affordable housing for veterans, working families, people with disabilities, Californians experiencing homelessness and many others who need a stable, affordable home. Prop. 2, the “No Place Like Home” Program, authorizes the state to use $2 billion in bonds, paid for by the Mental Health Services Act, to build supportive housing and services for Californians living with a serious mental illness who are homeless or at great risk of becoming homeless.

More 2018 Wins

Tax Policy: S.B. 993 (Hertzberg) - Sales tax on services

The bill did not pass. The Leadership Group joined the Coalition in opposition to the bill. The bill would have imposed sales taxes on services without any exemptions for “business inputs.” This would have been a massive tax increase and compliance burden on member companies.

More 2018 Wins

Tech & Innovation: SB 1121

SB 1121 clarified various sections of the recently-passed California Consumer Privacy Act. Further, it capped violation penalties and delayed enforcement of the Privacy Act until the Attorney General had sufficient time to weigh in on enforcement matters. This benefits member companies by, among other things, providing much needed clarity to the new Privacy Act, and limits their financial exposure in the event of an unintentional violation of the Act.

More 2018 Wins

Transportation: No on 6

While partnering with California Alliance for Jobs, the Leadership Group led the Bay Area effort to defeat Proposition 6 at the ballot box in November 2018. Proposition 6 threatened to repeal Senate Bill 1 which annually invests $5.2 billion into California’s statewide infrastructure and transportation projects. The Leadership Group and all stakeholders celebrated when 56.82% of California voters voted no in November 2018.

More 2018 Wins

2017 Accomplishments


Chris O.

Collaborated with Governor Jerry Brown and Senator Jim Beall to move SB1, the massive Transportation Funding bill,  through the California Legislature. SB 1 will provide $52 billion over the next 10 years to address both the aging and growing pains of California’s transportation system.


Chris O.

Rallied with Senator Dianne Feinstein, the Bay Area Congressional delegation, and regional leaders to secure a full funding grant agreement from the federal government for the electrification of Caltrain. Caltrain electrification will result in a 80 percent increase in capacity, growing to roughly 110,000 daily trips, reducing traffic on the heavily congested Highway 101 corridor between San Jose and San Francisco.


Chris O.

Co-sponsored Senate Bill 595 which the Governor signed into law.  This legislation allows for a consolidated election across the nine Bay Area counties to approve $4.45B in regional traffic relief projects as part of the “Regional Measure 3”, which appeared on the June 2018 ballot. Sponsored SB 797 allowing a one eighth cent sales tax  on a joint ballot in Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco counties to provide revenue for Caltrain operations, maintenance, and capacity improvements.


Mike M.

Advocated to secure critical 7-0 Santa Clara County Water District Board vote, via Op-eds, executive meetings, work with the Governor’s Office, etc. which helped pave the way for the long-awaited upgrade of California’s water supply system.  This victory helps ensure our region has the baseline supply of water it needs now and into the future.


Nathan H.

Facilitated the passage of the historic 2017 State Housing Package. The package contained SB 2, SB 3, SB 35,  and AB 1505; all key pieces of legislation designed to address the current California housing crisis.


Mike M.

Shaped legislation and secured the necessary two thirds, bi-partisan vote to extend cap and trade, which is the most effective way to address global warming as it creates a financial incentive for reducing pollution at the least cost and a profit motive for developing clean technologies.  This victory provides market and regulatory certainty through 2030.


Peter L.

Opposed Administration’s proposed budget which would have slashed National Institute of Health (NIH) funding, and eradicated Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E). Successfully worked with Congressional partners to support gains of $2B to National Institute of Health (NIH), $9M to NSF, and $15M to the preserved ARPA-E program.


Alexandria F.

Acted as a key business voice supporting a critical Medi-Cal provider reimbursement by advocating for a successful compromise resulting in the allocation of up to $546 million from Prop. 56 Tobacco Tax revenue to doctors, dentists, and other Medi-Cal providers that support underserved communities.


Chris W.

Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation hosts the Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, the largest Thanksgiving Day race in the nation. In its first thirteen years, the event donated nearly 8 million dollars to charitable organizations providing support for individuals and families in need.


Chris W.

Welcomed Google as title sponsor for Silicon Valley Santa Run in 2017 with nearly 4,000 runners and walkers registered for the event. Their participation raised more than $3,100 for both Christmas in the Park and Downtown Ice adding to the over $400,000 donated to keep these cherished holiday traditions in San Jose. Christmas in the Park, attracts more than 500,000 visitors annually.

2016 Accomplishments


Santa Clara County Traffic Relief and Road Repair Measure B Victory in 2016: Successfully led the 3-plus year effort for a traffic relief and road repair measure in Santa Clara County. Measure B was approved by a resounding 71.74 percent of Santa Clara County voters, providing $6.5 billion in local funds for transportation improvements.


Joined forces with other Bay Area organizations, Senator Feinstein, and environmental and community leaders to pass Measure AA. The measure provides critical resources to restore wetlands, improve water quality for wildlife habitat, and protect communities from flooding across the San Francisco Bay Area. Through the Leadership Group’s sponsorship and active support, Measure AA received over 70 percent of  vote through all Bay Area counties.


Secured domestic, long-haul flights to SJC International Airport by providing a crucial employer voice to British Airways, Lufthansa, and Hainan Airlines. By working with our members we championed the addition of international flights to London, Beijing, and Frankfurt from SJC. With more domestic and international flights on the horizon, we will continue to ensure SJC is serving the communities business travel needs.


Under budget and ahead of schedule, the $2B BART extension from Fremont/Warm Springs to north San Jose is underway with trains now expected to be running in 2017.  The Leadership Group led the successful ballot measure campaigns in 2000 and 2008 that raised the funds to make the extension possible.


Created the Housing Trust Fund with County Board of Supervisors and the Community Foundation. In its first 17 years, the Housing Trust raised more than $110 million in voluntary contributions and leveraged more than $2.5B in private development to help more than 25,000 individuals and families.

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