Economic Development

Economic Development


The Economic Development team has a strong tradition of finding regional, state and federal bipartisan policy solutions that promote the innovation economy. Our top priorities are promoting tax policies that are competitive globally and nationally, creating level playing fields for business sales and use and property taxes, and bringing the tax codes of California and the US up to date.

Legislative Priorities

Evaluate Local Tax and Bond Measures The Economic Development team will use the following criteria to determine our support:

  • The measure should be for a fixed term and therefore include a built-in sunset. If the measure does not include a sunset, we ask - are the reasons for an on-going tax clearly defined?
  • Funds generated by the measure should be used for specific and identifiable purpose(s)
  • A consistent dollar amount is applied equally to residential and commercial property parcels
  • Measures should be capped at a certain level in consideration of large businesses with many parcels (contiguous parcels for the same business)
  • The measure should contain a provision for a citizens’ oversight committee

Recent Wins

Stopped Prop 15
Sales Tax on Services
Establish a California Tax Expenditure Review Board
Sales Tax Exemption
Corporate Tax Increase
Comprehensive Federal Tax Reform
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Economic Development Committee

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