What Do Freshman Legislators Know About Silicon Valley Issues? Leadership Group Members Make a Trek to Sacramento to Find Out

SAN JOSE, CA – More than 30 Silicon Valley Leadership Group members are eager to know what newly-elected legislators learned from their time on the campaign trail, share their perspectives on the state’s business economy and discuss possible collaborations to improve the quality of life in the Bay Area. A delegation of CEOs, staff and elected officials will make the trek to the State Capitol as part of “Fresh Ideas”, a bi-annual trip, on February 12-13 for a series of “get to know you” sessions. In these sessions, ten freshman legislators will have a chance to share their top priorities, glean knowledge about Silicon Valley’s challenges and discuss possible solutions. The delegation will also meet with key members of Governor Gavin Newsom’s staff to discuss among other things the governor’s housing plan and transportation objectives.

Legislators in attendance will be:

  • Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (District 16)
  • Assemblymember Tyler Diep (District 72)
  • Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (District 46)
  • Assemblymember Connie Petrie-Norris (District 74)
  • Assemblymember Christy Smith (District 38)
  • Assemblymember Robert Rivas (District 30)
  • Assemblymember Buffy Wicks (District 15)
  • Senator Bob Archuleta (District 32)
  • Senator Maria Elena Durazo (District 24)
  • Senator Susan Rubio (District 22)

Media interested in a phone interview or person-to person interviews before, during or after the event should contact SVP of Communications Kimberly Ellis at kellis@svlg.org| (408) 501-7853 or Communication Manager Pam Kelly at pkelly@svlg.org| (408) 501-7879.