Statement of SVLG CEO Ahmad Thomas on White House Executive Order on AI

“The White House today issued an executive order that takes meaningful steps toward putting the private sector and the public sector on a path toward wide-scale responsible AI development, deployment, implementation, and adoption.

“Most importantly, the directive will help drive the development of standards, tools, and tests to ensure that ‘AI systems are safe, secure, and trustworthy’ and take steps to increase confidence that these systems will be implemented in a manner that does not perpetuate biases. 

Additionally, it’s encouraging to see the White House’s explicit focus on supporting both workers and innovation, specifically as it relates to recognizing the importance of competition and what is needed to strengthen our nation’s global competitive edge in this game-changing technology. 

“Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are home to the most innovative companies in the world. Over the past few years, visionary leaders in the region have created new markets in the AI space, launching companies, securing capital, and hiring a skilled workforce. This is the power of the innovation ecosystem in action.

“At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, we believe in responsible AI, and our working group of executives is actively engaged in advancing this goal. This working group has been meeting regularly, developing principles, engaging with legislators, and building out an ongoing effort to serve as a bridge between policymakers and the companies driving innovation in this space.

While federal action like this is vital, we also recognize that Sacramento and other state capitols will be ground zero for additional policy development on AI down the road. SVLG will continue to engage to support responsible innovation that drives broad-based economic growth and opportunity.

“We will continue to work with our leaders in Washington, DC, and Sacramento on policies and provisions that support the responsible development and growth of this important new category of technologies.”

— Ahmad Thomas, CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG)