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The  Health Policy team focuses on influencing policies and programs that improve health outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs for employers and employees in Silicon Valley. Specifically, the Health Policy Committee seeks to promote systemic reform that will increase efficiency, decrease the overall cost of health care, promote innovation in treatment and care, as well as promote wellness and prevention to reduce long-term costs and increase employee productivity.

Employers, along with the government, are the largest payers of health care costs and are critical stakeholders in the process of negotiating health care reform. The Leadership Group is working diligently with local, state and federal policy makers to ensure that the priorities of our employers are front and center as Federal Health Care Reform is implemented at the state level.

Team Lead

Kat Wortham
Director, Health & Housing
[email protected]

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Past Wins

Nurse Practitioners: Scope of Practice

In 2020, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group supported AB 890, which would allow nurse practitioners to order and interpret diagnostic procedures, certify disability, and prescribe, dispense, and administer controlled substances without physician oversight after completing three years of additional schooling and certification.

At a time when healthcare is our top priority and access is threatened, AB 890 allows Californians to receive quality care from nurse practitioners.

Bringing Payment Parity to Telehealth Services

In 2019, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group supported AB 744 from Assemblymember Agiuar-Curry which requires reimbursement parity between a telehealth service “on the same basis and to the same extent” as an in-person health care visit. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group has a history of supporting telehealth legislation and supported AB 744 because our top priority is to increase access to health care across our state, particularly for our rural and underserved communities.

This bill helps to increase access to health care for our rural communities, but also engages our urban communities who may have a difficult time getting to doctor’s offices for appointments. The Leadership Group worked with a broad coalition to urge passage of the bill.

Ensuring Accessible and Affordable Health Care for Everyone

The Leadership Group promotes accessible and affordable healthcare for all including Medicaid Expansion and sustaining value-based benefit designs that cover preventative services and the 10 Essential Health Benefits.

In 2018, the Leadership Group was an influential voice in establishing an Advisory Panel on Health Care Delivery Systems and Universal Coverage within the state budget- a critical step in crafting effective, sustainable policy that stabilizes the health care market and provides universal access to quality care.

In 2017, the Leadership Group also served as key business voice in support of a critical Medi-Cal provider reimbursement, advocating for a successful compromise resulting in allocation of up to $546 million from Prop. 56 Tobacco Tax revenue to safety net providers.

In 2016, the Health Policy team successfully advocated for a revamped Managed Care Organization tax package that preserved more than $1.1 billion for Medi-Cal.

Promoting Prevention and Wellness

The Leadership Group is focused on helping employers start or improve wellness programs in order to promote health and well-being among employees. Each spring, the Leadership Group hosts a Workplace Wellness Workshop Conference.

In 2016, the Health Policy Team advocated for Prop. 56, a $2 per-pack tax on cigarettes to reduce the prevalence of smokers and fund prevention and treatment.

Legislative Activity

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Health Policy team advocate for local, county, state and federal health policy legislation and ballot measures based on the decisions of its Health Committee, Working Council, and Board of Directors. Both bills and ballot measures are presented to these committees for discussion and voting.

2020 Legislation

2019 Legislation

Health Policy Committee Meetings

Member-only committee meetings are generally held on the first Tuesday of each month from 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. These meetings generally include:

  • Speaker presentations from government officials, non-profits, agencies, and advocates
  • Informative briefings about Leadership Group policy advocacy
  • Programmatic work
  • Community events

To learn more about joining the committee please contact Kat Wortham at [email protected].

Co-Chairs: Diana BautistaLucille Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford & Leah Cowan, Sutter Health

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