The Road is Clear for Measure B According to Today’s Court Ruling

SAN JOSE, CA – In breaking news, this afternoon the State Supreme Court denied the appeal to block the “Measure B” traffic relief and transit improvement initiative passed by nearly 72 percent of Santa Clara County voters in November of 2016.  The Supreme Court was the last of three courts that sided with Measure B, saying the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) can proceed to disburse funds for transit improvements.

“The road block against road and transit improvements has been cleared,” said Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino, who led the 3-year effort to qualify and pass Measure B on the 2016 ballot. “Voters will now receive the improvements promised in Measure B, paving the way for work to get started to improve the quality of life for 1.9 million county residents.”

Guardino is available for interviews and comments this afternoon. To schedule interviews please call Kimberly Ellis at the number below.


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