Silicon Valley Leadership Group Joins Lights on California Campaign to Make Energy Reliable and Affordable

SVLG also announces support for California Assembly Bill 538

SAN JOSE, Calif. (April 24, 2023) Today, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) is officially announcing its membership with Lights On California — a campaign to improve grid reliability and affordability as part of California’s goal to achieve 100% clean electricity by 2045 — and its support of AB 538. 

Lights On California is a coalition of business and environmental organizations committed to building a sustainable, reliable energy grid that can power California’s households and businesses. Coalition members are pressing for the passage of Assembly Bill 538, a bill that would establish a Western Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) to expand clean energy adoption throughout the state, accelerate the transition to an electrified transportation sector, and build a more affordable, reliable energy grid. 

“SVLG is proud to join the Lights on California coalition which calls on our state legislators to support AB 538 and help ensure that the state remains true to its goals of providing reliable, affordable and clean energy to Californians,” said Ahmad Thomas, CEO of SVLG. “Failure to take decisive action now, will severely limit the states’ ability to maintain its position as a global leader in innovation and may lead to undue burdens on our residents and commercial industries.” 

The creation of a Western RTO would foster collaboration with regional clean energy markets, lower costs for everyday consumers, and accelerate regional power grid transmission across Western states. It would also support the Silicon Valley data centers that power the backbone of California’s innovation economy. Coalition members include Advanced Energy United, CalChamber, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Solar Energy Industries Association, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and other leading organizations. 

The Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy is scheduled to consider AB 538 on April 26. Those interested in joining the Lights On Campaign in support of the bill can sign on at

A complete list of Lights on California members can be found here.

About the Silicon Valley Leadership Group:
The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) was founded in 1977 by one of Silicon Valley’s pioneers, David Packard. Today, SVLG serves as the nation’s most effective and dynamic business association representing the innovation economy and its ecosystem. As we strive to bolster the business competitiveness of the region, SVLG is establishing a new vision of corporate citizenship and working to catalyze a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future for Silicon Valley and beyond. Our members’ vision of leadership embodies accountability, equity, inclusion, and environmental stewardship, and we’re applying an entrepreneurial mindset to solving the toughest challenges facing both our nation and the region.