Silicon Valley Leadership Group Launches Three New Centers of Expertise to Accelerate Next Era of Silicon Valley Leadership

SAN JOSE, Calif. (April 26, 2023) The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) – the leading business association representing the innovation economy and its ecosystem – today announced the launch of three new Centers of Expertise (COEs) in support of the organization’s 2023 agenda: Accelerating the Next Era of Silicon Valley Leadership.

The new Centers of Expertise will drive an “Acceleration Agenda” focused on:

• Technology and Innovation

• Inclusion and Belonging

• Sustainable Growth

This work will build upon SVLG’s proven track record of policy advocacy and public-private partnership successes, while empowering members to be more agile, effective, and creative in tackling the most pressing issues facing the innovation economy and the region.

“SVLG is focused on ensuring Silicon Valley remains the leader of the innovation economy,” said Ahmad Thomas, CEO of SVLG. “Over the next few years, new business sectors will be created, new innovations will be adopted, and new challenges will arise. Our mission is to help our companies and the Valley to continue to lead and maintain its position as a global leader when it comes to navigating the future of technology.”

Technology and Innovation COE
The Technology and Innovation COE is focused on supporting and defending transformative technologies. Its work comprises SVLG’s support for scaling new frontier technologies and high-growth startups with a core focus on issues such as Artificial Intelligence and Ethics, Digital Assets, and Advanced Mobility.

Inclusion & Belonging COE
The Inclusion and Belonging COE is focused on catalyzing change when it comes to equity, representation, and corporate governance, with a portfolio focused on Board Diversity, Corporate Inclusion, Health Equity, and Diversity Recruiting and Retention. The team will advance thoughtful and targeted initiatives designed to produce a more equitable and competitive workforce alongside improved health and wellness outcomes for the region.

Sustainable Growth COE
The Sustainable Growth COE will expand upon SVLG’s historic and high impact work across the climate and infrastructure sectors, with a focus on transformative approaches to clean energy, housing, and transportation in California and across the country. Under this COE, SVLG will take the lead on urgent issues like Grid Reliability and Resiliency, Carbon Reduction Strategies, and Housing Supply.

About the Silicon Valley Leadership Group:
The Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) was founded in 1977 by one of Silicon Valley’s pioneers, David Packard. Today, SVLG serves as the nation’s most effective and dynamic business association representing the innovation economy and its ecosystem. As we strive to bolster the business competitiveness of the region, SVLG is establishing a new vision of corporate citizenship and working to catalyze a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future for Silicon Valley and beyond. Our members’ vision of leadership embodies accountability, equity, inclusion, and environmental stewardship, and we’re applying an entrepreneurial mindset to solving the toughest challenges facing both our nation and the region.