Statement: SVLG CEO Ahmad Thomas Calls on Congress to Approve FY2024 Spending and Avoid Government Shutdown

Business leaders in Silicon Valley and across the nation have navigated significant economic headwinds over the past year. Yet, the political brinkmanship we’re seeing in Washington, DC, around another government shutdown threatens the economic progress that has been made.

The last thing that we need is the economic disruption that a shutdown would cause. It would have a direct and negative impact on federal employees and their households, halt access to important government services and increase economic uncertainty.

We cannot afford this political sideshow. I hope Congress moves swiftly to fund the government in line with the bipartisan Senate spending bill proposed this week.

Businesses need a predictable and stable economic environment so they can plan, invest, and grow. A government shutdown creates a tremendous amount of economic uncertainty which moves our nation in the wrong direction.

We simply cannot afford to play political games right now.”

— Ahmad Thomas, CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG)