Silicon Valley Leadership Group Raises $5 Million in Support of South Bay COVID-19 Relief Effort

Member Companies Contribute Millions in Cash, Medical Supplies, and Equipment

San Jose, CA, April 22, 2020 – Following more than a month of “town hall style” video conference meetings, the formation of the “Silicon Valley COVID-19 Aid Coalition,” and a coordinated outreach effort conducted by Silicon Valley Leadership Group executives, $5,288,026 million has been raised to date in an effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

To meet the needs of those on the front lines fighting the pandemic we face, member companies are contributing financial resources to help fund the needs of hospitals, expedite the procurement process for necessary equipment, and pivot current manufacturing capabilities to effectively address this public health crisis.

Sparked by a $1,000 personal contribution from Leadership Group President and CEO Carl Guardino, member companies and individual CEOs and senior officers from Leadership Group member companies have contributed in excess of $5 million in supplies and financial support to date. Those who contributed and did not specifically request their support to be anonymous are listed on the Silicon Valley COVID-19 Aid Coalition web page.

“Surpassing the $5 million raised mark is such a wonderful testament to the collaborative and generous spirit our tech companies have taken to meet this crisis before us,” said Carl Guardino, CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. “While we know there is a long fight ahead of us and much more is needed to support the effort to safely care for patients and those on the front lines, we will continue to hold virtual meetings to keep our members informed and hope that the impressive generosity of so many helps to inspire and engage others seeking to make a difference through this tumultuous time in our communities.”

Medical Supplies and Equipment Needs: For a current list of the supplies and equipment needed for the County of Santa Clara Health and Hospital System, please visit

How to Contribute: The VMC Foundation is receiving contributions for the Health and Hospital System. Information on how to participate is available at For all other donations, please contact Carl Guardino directly at

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