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Call-to-Action: What Our Members Are Doing to Fight the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are so proud of the solutions and donations that many of our 350 member companies are pledging in order to “flatten the curve” and fight the pandemic that is affecting us on a global scale. For many, the Silicon Valley is much more than the birthplace of tech innovation; it is a tight-knit community of people working to make the world a better place. Please join us in our efforts by spreading the word, donating or simply supporting your local businesses as we navigate this time of uncertainty together. If you have questions on how you or your company can particpate, please contact us at [email protected].

Notice: The Valley Medical Center Foundation is accepting donations of money, supplies, and services to support the County of Santa Clara Health System’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To donate, visit, mail a check to 2400 Clove Drive, San Jose, 95128, or call (408) 885-5299. Please mention that you were directed to donate by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. 100 percent of everything we collect, cash and in kind, goes solely to the itemized list of needs.

Total Dollars and In-kind Donated from Individuals & Member Companies

Member Company Donations

Bank of America
Silicon Valley Bank


KLA Corporation
Sand Hill Property Christian Fund

CAL Water

Intuitive Surgical

$1,000 – $20,000
Bauhaus LLC
Bay Area News Group
BD Biosciences
Maxim Integrated
Pacific Ridge Builders
San Jose Water
Tech CU

Supply & Service Donations

Applied Materials 
1,000 N95 masks

5,000 adult surgical masks with ear flaps
5,000 N95 masks to VTA
2,000 bottles of hand sanitizer

Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI)
1,000 N95 masks

$2,500 towards the equipment and supplies for the County Hospital system

5000 nitrile gloves and 1000 face masks

Goodwill Industries
Logistics, warehousing and distribution

20,000 gloves to Stanford Children’s Hospital

15,000 surgical masks

KLA Corporation
2,500 medical grade HazMat Suits for hospital personnel

1,100 3M AURA N95 respirators
1,500 surgical masks 

Maxim Integrated
1,000 N95 masks

Power Integrations
300 N95 masks

San Jose State University
2,000 masks

Service Now
500 N95 masks

10,000 N95 masks

Western Digital
243,000 surgical masks and 7,000 gloves

Individual Donations

Aart & Esther de Geus
Anna Lising
Amanda Mogin
Borris S.
Bruce Cozadd
Carrie Byles
Cassie Janakos
Catherine Zimmermann
Charlotte Fong
Cindy & Jim Larive
David Baldwin
Derek McCandless
Doug Merritt
Eric Raff
Eric Thornburg
Eric Yuan
Ford Tamer
Gary Guthart
Greg Woock
Ibi Krurkubo
Irene Chavez
Ita Brennan
Jack Harding
Janikke Klem
Javier Gonzalez
Joe Pon & George Duran
Judy Miner
Laura Owen
Laurie Conner
Lawrence Tse

Leah Toenesketter
Lisa Su
Loi Nguyen
Marc Casto
Margaret Graziano
Matt & Silvia Mahan
Michael Mulcahy
Molly Barber
Najat El-Ayi Badriyeh
Nariman Yousefi
Paul Davis
Paul Szurek
Radha Nagarajan
Rao Mulpuri
Ray Ansari
Richard Ogawa
Rick Beatty
Rob Steinberg
Rochelle Swanson
Rudy Reyes
Ruth Cotter
Steve Wilson
Steve Wymer
Thuy Nguyen
Todd Harris
Tom Werner
Victor Peng

Member Companies Sign Statement in Response to Recent Incidents and Rhetoric Targeting Asian Americans

Just days after September 11th, President George W. Bush gave one of the defining speeches of his Presidency.  In the wake of increasing attacks and rhetoric targeting Muslim Americans, he made clear that xenophobia “should not and will not stand in America.”

Today, we face another grave national threat, and there are again reports of attacks and intimidation targeting a particular ethnic group:  Chinese Americans, and in some cases Asian Americans of other backgrounds as well.

President Bush’s words are no less true today. Xenophobia in all its forms is anathema to America’s core ideals.  Indeed, part of what unites us as Americans is that most of us, or our forebears, were once newcomers here ourselves.

We in California are a state knit together by immigrants, many of Chinese  background.  They are our neighbors and colleagues.  They are integral to our school communities and religious congregations.  They are “we”.

Our economy in Silicon Valley relies on talent from abroad like no other place in America.  According to the forthcoming 2020 Silicon Valley Competitiveness & Innovation Project, 59 of every 100 STEM workers in Silicon Valley were born abroad.  One out of every six of our STEM workers hails from mainland China, Hong Kong or Taiwan. In Silicon Valley we welcome – and rely on – talented, creative people from all over the world.

When voices on street corners, in the media or in Washington veer toward nativism, we in Silicon Valley need to remember who we are.  We need to know that vitriol demonizing one group or another is insidious because, even if it comes from a small handful of people, it can infect a country so easily.

This is an infection, though, that doesn’t require the expertise of medical professionals.  It requires that we all stand together.


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