Leadership Group Applauds Google Investment of $50 Million in Housing Trust TECH Fund

San Jose, CA – “Google is once again showing their commitment to partnering with our communities to build much-needed affordable housing in the Bay Area. We are thrilled by their announcement today of a $50 million investment in Housing Trust Silicon Valley’s TECH Fund (Tech+Equity+Community+Housing). Google’s investment is the largest investment in the fund to date, nearly doubling the current Fund’s total. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group applauds their dedication to not only invest financially in housing but also partnering within our community to collectively address our affordable housing crisis together. We can think of no better partner than Housing Trust Silicon Valley to have a significant impact in advancing affordable housing finance solutions.

We look forward to other announcements in the future that realize Google’s commitment of $1 billion to invest in housing and the production of at least 20,000 homes in the Bay Area. Together we are making a difference for those who live and work in the Bay Area.”
– Nathan Ho
Sr. Director of Housing and Community Development
Housing Trust Board Member