COVID-19 Response: Members Take Measures to Protect Employee and Customer Health

On March 30-31, the Leadership Group conducted our second survey on what our member companies are doing to protect the health of their employees and customers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 100 CEOs and C-Suite Officers responded to the six-question survey which covered sick leave, hiring, essential employers, and employees diagnosed with COVID-19. These surveys are essentials tools to help our member companies learn from each other’s best practices in the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape.

Key Findings
To ensure workforce health, 43% of member organizations have increased company paid sick leave empowering employees to manage their health during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been augmented by the additional two weeks of sick leave mandated by the recent federal CARES Act.

From the increased use of hygienic products and more frequent cleaning and disinfecting between shifts, to following social distancing best practices, and conducting front-line health screenings, employers are implementing specific strategies to protect employee and customer health.

The availability of testing for COVID-19 has been revealed as an issue with 48% of member companies reporting they are aware that employees have been unable to get tested due to difficulty finding a testing site and having the test administered.
Across the board, from small to large organizations, the majority of surveyed members reported that they are considered “essential employers” by State of California guidelines. Responding to the economic impacts of COVID-19, member companies are demonstrating their resiliency with 61% still conducting hiring in some form, 21% reporting a hiring freeze and 18% reporting that they are considering layoffs or that layoffs are now necessary for them.

View complete survey with questions, breakdown of answers, and key takeaways.

– Stephen Tu,  Director of Transportation Policy, Silicon Valley Leadership Group | April 3, 2020