Carl’s Comments: When it comes to next year’s Presidential Primaries, we can Come Forward or Com-plain

At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, we are choosing to Come Forward . . . with a series of Road to the White House Town Halls with engaged citizens throughout the Silicon Valley and Bay Area.

In partnership with KQED, to ensure more people can hear the policy positions of each of the Presidential Candidates, we will host a series of Employee Town Halls, with the hour-long sessions recorded and broadcast on KQED, the top NPR affiliate in the United States and the top electronic source for news in Northern California.

Focused less on the horse race, and more on the policy positions that impact individuals, families, jobs and our economy, presidential candidates will respond to a series of questions from KQED’s Senior Politics and Government Editor Scott Shafer, and me, in my capacity as the CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, before answering questions directly from Town Hall participants. We will focus on issues impacting our region – like traffic, housing, homelessness and education – while also discussing national issues such as immigration, cybersecurity, privacy, energy, health care and the environment.

At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, we do not endorse presidential candidates, nor make political contributions to them. However, we do endorse the importance of fully engaging in our democratic process. With the Presidential Primary in California just ten months away, it is not too early to learn more about each of the candidates who would like to serve as our Nation’s President. Exercise your voice and your vote. It matters more than ever.

– Carl Guardino, CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group | May 1, 2019