California to Reopen June 15th Provided Milestones are Met

“The light at the end of the tunnel.”

This is a phrase I have used at least once a day over the past year. Now, as I sit at my dining room table to work for the 382nd day in a row, it’s looking like that light is finally here. Governor Gavin Newsom announced yesterday a firm date for fully reopening our state. It comes on the heels of a previous announcement that gives all persons –  aged 16 and older – the ability to receive a vaccine beginning April 15th in California. 

Our California Full Reopen date is set for June 15th.

With this date set by the Newsom administration, California IS potentially set to fully reopen four days before summer officially begins. However that reopening only applies if two metrics are met: 

              1. Vaccine supply must be sufficient for Californians aged 16 and older to receive a vaccine if they choose to;
              2. Hospitalizations from COVID-19 must be low and at stable numbers. 

If the State can meet these requirements then we can see life shift back to some normalcy for the first time in over a year. For socializing. For eating out. For reopening so many businesses. 

But let’s talk about that “if.”

This big “if” relies on three main things: 1) a stable vaccine supply 2) a low transmission of COVID-19 and 3) those who can and want to get vaccinated, making it a priority to receive their vaccines. 

Meeting the milestones mentioned above will be challenging. The expected demand for vaccine appointments for those aged 16 and older will make getting a vaccine difficult. (I’ve provided a list of resources HERE, HERE, and HERE to help you find vaccine appointments.) There are only so many appointments available and may require a person to drive long distances to receive a vaccine. 

Also, a concerning rise in newer and more infectious variants of COVID-19 are on the rise in California and across the country. This is especially worrying as life goes seemingly back to normal and we let our guard down with friends and family. A full reopening will still require masks to be worn, social distancing to be required as much as possible, and many activities may not be completely safe. 

Finally, we must say that, locally, here in the Bay Area we have more stringent health orders than other counties in California. And in some cases, more stringent than what the State has recommended. So, even if it all goes according to expectations and we fulfil our requirements, it is important to know that it may still take longer for businesses to reopen in the Bay Area than elsewhere in California. 

Despite all of these concerns, we can definitely say this: it’s a very big step in the right direction. We’ll be here to let you know more as we move toward that reopening date.

Here’s hoping we all get to see each other in person sooner…and in summer. 


April 7, 2021