Advocating for Affordable Housing in the Bay Area

The Leadership Group has long supported affordable housing efforts to ensure that all workers and their families have a place to call home. Last year, we had the honor of co-leading the Props 1 & 2 statewide campaign to victory, resulting in $6 billion in state funding for financing and construction of affordable housing.

Every May, we join other housing advocates in Affordable Housing events across the Bay Area. In Silicon Valley, our affordable housing organizations, Housing Leadership Council of San Mateo County and SV@Home, host more than 50 housing events to educate, engage, and encourage elected and community leaders around housing solutions. Be sure to check out SV@Home’s events, which are still going on through May 17.

Because of the importance and great need for affordable housing, what started as one week has now morphed into several weeks. Events range from groundbreakings and grand openings to film viewings. There are also opportunities to actually engage in housing advocacy by coming out to City Council meetings to speak in support of two housing developments that the Leadership Group is supporting – Santa Clara University’s staff and faculty housing development in San Jose and 777 W. Middlefield in Mountain View.

These events could very easily spend all of their time examining the problem; however, you’ll find that all of the focus is advancing actual near-term and long-term solutions.

The Leadership Group is a proud Movement Partner of SV@Home and I have the honor of serving on its Board of Directors.

– Nathan Ho, Senior Director of Housing and Community Development, Silicon Valley Leadership Group | May 15, 2019