Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Ahmad Thomas Calls for Equal Pay for Equal Work on Latina Equal Pay Day

SAN JOSE, CA (October 21, 2021) — “Providing equal work for equal pay is not only fair, it’s also critical if our goal is to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in the technology sector and innovation economy. Yet today on Latina Equal Pay Day, it’s painfully clear how much work remains to ensure that Latina employees are paid their fair share. In the U.S., Latinas are paid 43 percent less than white men and 28 percent less than white women. This means that on average, a Latina must work more than twenty three and a half months to be paid the equivalent annual earnings of her white male counterpart. SVLG urges business leaders, policymakers, and advocates to remain focused and to take action to close the gender wage gap for Latinas.”

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