Rising Startup Initiative

Rising Startup Initiative

The mission of SVLG’s Rising Startup Initiative goes beyond mere representation; it is about actively shaping a future where diversity and inclusivity are integral components of the innovation ecosystem. By championing an equitable and inclusive startup community and arming them with resources to thrive individually they will in turn contribute to the collective upliftment of the entire Silicon Valley community and build upon its legacy of innovation and excellence.


Our Goal

To usher in a new era of diverse voices, fostering the development of leaders, policies, and products that will underpin a dynamic, inclusive, and equitable innovation landscape in Silicon Valley.

Networking & Business Development

Unprecedented access to networking opportunities with member companies, Key Public Officials, and Senior Level Executives from leading Silicon Valley Companies through a myriad of dynamic and engaging SVLG events.


The benefit of SVLG’s Policy Advocacy and Expertise allows us to drive legislative and regulatory outcomes for our members.


Our deeply personal connections to member companies allow us to customize your member experience. We’ll begin with an introductory call to get a better understanding of the goals and needs of your organization allowing us to tailor your member experience. Once we formalize our relationship, we’ll meet regularly to track your needs as you grow your business.

Exclusive Events, Marketing, and Brand Building

SVLG hosts dozens of high-impact and exclusive events each year. Our media team provides multiple AV touchpoints which include customized videos, the Silicon Valley Vibes Podcast, and tailor-made socials.

Office Hours for COE’s (Start-Ups Only)

Unique access to SVLG Centers of Expertise Leads once a month. This is a great opportunity to get caught up with the current workload of our organization and an opportunity to provide strategic input shaping our priorities.

Join the RSI Initiative

When you become a member, you will join a network of hundreds of Silicon Valley’s leading innovation economy employers as we work to improve business and living conditions in the area. Please complete the form below on your company’s behalf and a member of our team will promptly reach out to you.


    On this Episode of Silicon Valley Vibes, our host Peter Leroe-Muñoz sits down with Guillermo Diaz, CEO Founder of Conectado to talk about how his upbring in Pueblo, Co, his time in the military, and how his experiences in Silicon Valley all shaped his vision for Conectado. Then, our host Nadia Anderson talks with Alternative Television Executive and Executive Producer Cyle ZeZo to get his take on Sustainability and Storytelling in the Entertainment Industry.
    On this Episode of Silicon Valley Vibes, our host Peter Leroe-Muñoz speaks with Startup Founder Michael Vandi of Addy AI on his journey from being a small child in West Africa with dream to create, all the way to becoming a Founder & CEO of an AI Tech Startup here in Silicon Valley. Then, Nadia Anderson connects with Uber's Global Sustainability Policy lead, Adam Gromis to talk about Uber's work helping drivers transition to Zero Emission Vehicles.



    Chuck Dickinson

    Silicon Valley Leadership Group

    Ernesto Romero

    Silicon Valley Leadership Group

    To learn more, please contact Chuck Dickinson at cdickinson@svlg.org or Ernesto Romero at eromero@svlg.org.

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    If you are looking for more information on our Rising Startup Initiative, please contact Chuck Dickinson at cdickinson@svlg.org or Ernesto Romero at eromero@svlg.org.

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