How Caltrain Removes Traffic from our Roadways

Bay Area traffic is legendary for maddening traffic jams that even the best podcasts can’t soothe. Traffic steals time from all the other things we’d rather be doing – in the Bay Area it amounts to over a year of our life on average that we will never get back. That’s time with our families, studying for our degrees, or working on our hobbies.

We looked at the numbers and found that before the pandemic, Caltrain removed the equivalent of four lanes of traffic off our freeways while providing a convenient journey up and down the Peninsula.

The pandemic will end one day, and traffic is already returning. Measure RR provides a stable source of funding to rescue Caltrain while reducing traffic. And voting to invest Measure RR into Caltrain prepares the system for future growth up to 180,000 daily riders –  up to 9 lanes of traffic removed, nearly the same as building a new US 101.

Download and read the white paper: Traffic Benefits of Caltrain on Peninsula Freeways

– Stephen Tu, Director of Transportation Policy, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, October 16, 2020