Game Changers 2020 Essay Series: Security is About ACCESS and Not (Just) CONTROL

Security is About ACCESS and Not (Just) CONTROL

Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEO, Pulse Secure

Every business leader – regardless of industry or function – is always striving to improve employee productivity. In this hyper-competitive world, where there is literally no knowledge or information asymmetry, creativity and productivity are super critical. Technology-based distractions, social pressures, and outdated corporate practices, to name a few, are productivity dampeners.

The need for balancing work and life is generally well understood. Most enterprises empower and give flexibility to their employees to interweave life with work. This flexibility, however, comes at a cost. The ever rising and changing security attacks – we are not even referring to state sponsored attacks – that are well documented, have resulted in enterprises scrambling for safety. The solutions, to date, deployed by enterprises are based on stringent ‘control-based’ models. Other considerations such as regulatory requirements are also driving factors. Enterprises build walled gardens to protect business- critical resources. Unfortunately, these ‘control-based’ security solutions increase costs and make it more difficult to ‘get things done,’ thereby reducing productivity.

A new paradigm for enterprise security, one that focuses on ‘enabling access’, and not just ‘enforcing control,’ is required!

After all, vendors should focus on creating and delivering solutions that improve enterprise productivity, in all its forms. Pulse Secure has the privilege of serving more than 20,000 customers across all geographies and verticals with our “Secure Access” solutions. More than 20 million users leverage our solutions to meet their productivity goals.

From our inception in late 2014, we have singularly focused on improving enterprise productivity with our focus on ‘enabling access’ and essentially inverting conventional security models. Our worldwide teams focus intensely on the following principles:


Customer success: Is at the core of all we do, whether our customers are internal or external.

Simplifying user experiences: Is for administrators, professionals, support staff, contract workers, etc. This is not just about look and feel, as much as steps it takes to get a task done. Innovation focused on simplifying workflows and making them more intuitive is not an easy endeavor.

Mobile workstyles: Assume that everyone is mobile and work is not just a place. Delivering on this philosophy has helped us establish a leadership position in the emerging category of Zero Trust Security architectures.

IT is a hybrid world: Unlike other vendors, we enable customers to leverage the full potential of the Cloud as and when their business needs dictate.

Employee success equates to customer success: We have built a RICH (Respect, Integrity, Commitment and Humility) culture that permeates across our organization and in all we do.

Leveraging the above principles, we have built the broadest portfolio to address network, mobile, application, and cloud access to address a market of more than $4 billion. We earn the confidence of our customers every single day and unleash their productivity by staying true to our core belief of “Security should be about access and not (just) control”.

August 9, 2019