Fresh Ideas: A Conversation with Freshman Legislators

Every two years, the Leadership Group leads a Silicon Valley delegation to the State Capitol to meet with newly-elected legislators. The trip, called “Fresh Ideas,” consists of Leadership Group member companies and staff as well as local elected officials from the Bay Area.

The purpose of the delegation is to connect the “freshman class” of legislators to Silicon Valley companies, opening up a two-way dialogue between legislators from across the state and our members. We have the chance to learn more from what excites and motivates them, while explaining what excites and motivates the innovation economy industries.

This year’s Fresh Ideas takes place February 12-13, where, in a series of “get to know you” sessions, we learn more about what newly elected leaders heard on the campaign trail and what they’re hoping to accomplish in the state legislature. We also have the unique opportunity to help them understand Silicon Valley’s challenges that they can share with their districts.

We look forward to engaging with the legislators to discuss solutions to improve California’s business climate and quality of life while identifying areas to partner. An added bonus of these sessions is to give legislators a better chance to get to know one another as they enter the new cohort of Assembly members and Senators.

The following is a list of newly elected legislators that have been confirmed to attend Fresh Ideas, as of this writing:

Assemblymember Buffy Wicks

Assemblymember Christy Smith

Assemblymember Connie Petrie-Norris

Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel

Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

Assemblymember Robert Rivas

Assemblymember Tyler Diep

Senator Maria Elena Durazo

– Nardin Sarkis, Government Relations Sr. Associate, Silicon Valley Leadership Group | February 1, 2019