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Women’s Executive Roundtable Series

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s Women’s Executive Roundtable Series connects women executives and legislators on public policy, business interests, and empowers women leadership in our communities.

The Women’s Executive Roundtables are small group policy discussions, often gathering no more than 20 executives and an elected leader as the special guest. The events are held at various venues throughout the Silicon Valley and are generally “Breakfasts” or “Dinners”.

Past roundtables included notable women leaders such as Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Assembly member Catharine Baker.

Celebration of Women Leaders – Advice and Inspiration

As part of our Celebration of Women Leaders series, we are asking women in leadership roles to answer three questions that will inspire and inform a new generation.

Assemblymember Cristina Garcia

1. What advice do you have for the next generation of women leaders?

When an opportunity comes, be bold and take advantage of it. When you take inventory of whether or not you’re ready for it, use that inventory not to stop you, but to you let you know what you need help with and go and find that help to help you succeed. We are never going to check off all the boxes, it is never going to be perfect timing. Instead ask yourself, does this opportunity excite me and does it allow me to grow and explore new things, if the answer is yes, go for it.

2. What woman inspires you and why? (other than a relative)

I’d say any woman who has come here as an immigrant with nothing and no understanding of our systems and has found a way to persevere or any woman of color who has often times been the only one but has found a way to create more opportunities for other marginalized communities.

3. What’s one leadership lesson you’ve learned in your career?

We all have some power, assess what that is, and don’t be afraid to use it to lift others up. Be tactical and unapologetic in using it in a way that brings a little more equity and justice to the space you’re in. For example, when only men walk into my office to lobby me, I point it out and ask if they couldn’t find a woman to come with them. I use my power regularly to lift other women around me and create opportunities for women without necessarily having a specific woman in mind. Some people get upset but I am unapologetic about fighting for gender equality at all levels. And I can assure you that the next time that group comes back they have women. And when they do I make sure the woman is not just talking but I am encouraging her to lead the discussion.



Our mission is to facilitate meaningful small group discussions with influential women leaders on the local, state and national level that drive results and influence policy decisions and conversations on the local, state and national level.

Who Can Participate

Women CEOs and senior executives of Silicon Valley member companies.

What We Ask of You

  • Be present and engaged
  • As most of our roundtable events are “sold out” with a waiting list, we rely on our member’s honoring their reservations, or providing 48-hour notice of cancellation so we may offer the seat to another guest.
  • Offer constructive contributions and industry best practices
  • Stay on point and be concise during your questions and answers

What We Promise to You

  • Engaging dialog with influential elected leaders and speakers
  • Opportunities to network with other senior executives
  • Strong time management so we start and end on time
  • Good facilitation of the discussion

Contact Information

Angelica Cortez, Director of Investor Relations and Strategic Coalitions
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (408) 501-7852


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