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Fresh Ideas from Newly Elected Legislators

The dynamics of our state political process are largely impacted by term limits. Each year, newly elected officials enter into public office with a limited amount of time to make important decisions. The challenge of effectively representing constituencies and maintaining connectivity with the resources and people that help drive our economy can be daunting. Fresh Ideas from Newly Elected Legislators was developed to assist legislators’ transition into their new role.

“Fresh Ideas” is a roundtable series in Sacramento with Silicon Valley Leadership Group members and recently elected public officials from the administration, California State Assembly and State Senate. Participants are encouraged to share their challenges in their district and at the state level. With this foundation, specific solutions are identified to ensure California’s success – through private sector job creation, improved quality of life for our workers, and a competitive business climate.

What Is The Purpose

This unique opportunity is provided to better acquaint our members with newly elected and appointed state officials

Who Should Participate

  • CEOs, Senior Officers, and local Public Officials are welcome to attend
  • Special Guests include California State Assembly members, Senators, and Administration Officials

What We Ask of You

  • Please come prepared with an understanding of our state government
  • Be curious, engaged, and ready to socialize with newly elected legislators

What Is Our Promise

  • You will leave this series knowing who just entered our state government
  • You will have an opportunity to network with Silicon Valley industry leaders
  • You will have a chance to advocate on behalf of your company

Contact Information

Kristen Petersen, Senior Associate of Government Relations
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: (408) 501-7856

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