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Partners in Policy

At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group we create high-impact event opportunities that are aligned with your business goals and community interests. From intimate gatherings, to executive roundtables and large-scale events of more than 1, 200+ attendees, we provide insightful and memorable experiences, learning, and networking for you to reach your business objectives. Below is a sampling of the many events we offer.

Housing Solutions Forum: January 25

The Housing Solutions Forum will convene 150 business executives, elected officials, community leaders, transportation experts, and developers to discuss and move forward tangible solutions to our housing crisis. Leaders attending the two-hour mid-morning forum will leave with next steps to engage in housing solutions. Click here for more information.

Fresh Ideas: February 12-13

The dynamics of our state’s political process are largely impacted by term limits. Fresh Ideas from Newly Elected Legislators was developed to ensure that newly elected officials truly understand that Silicon Valley’s challenges and policy priorities are largely shared with their districts. This two day roundtable series includes each newly elected legislator, members of the executive branch, and a Silicon Valley caucus roundtable dinner. Click here for more information.

Regional Economic Forum: March 1

The 8th Annual Silicon Valley Regional Economic Forum is one of 16 regional forums in the state of California to help identify economic competitiveness issues of the region. The results are funneled up to a Capitol Day Statewide Summit to identify key issues facing the state, and to streamline legislation for the most pressing. Click here for more information.

Washington DC Advocacy Trip: April 1-2

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group travels to Washington, D.C. twice a year with a delegation of member executives and public officials to advocate for our federal policy priorities, focusing on U.S. jobs and competitiveness. Strategic visits are scheduled with U.S. Senate and House leadership and key administration officials to discuss our federal agenda. Click here for more information.

Game Changers: April 26

At Game Changers 2020, keynote speakers and panelists featuring highly-respected local community and business leaders, from both the private and the public sectors, will discuss what they foresee as game changers for the upcoming year on the local, state and federal level. All attendees will receive the Game Changers 2020 booklet featuring essays from 20+ community and business leaders on game changing technological innovation and ethics. Click here for more information.

Sacramento Advocacy Trip: May 20-21

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group travels to Sacramento every spring with a delegation of member executives and local public officials to advocate for our state policy priorities. Strategic visits are scheduled with leaders and members of the State Senate, State Assembly, major caucuses, and the Governor’s staff and administration. Click here for more information.

Energy and Sustainability Summit: June 14

The 7th annual Silicon Valley Energy and Sustainability Summit explores how to employ the latest innovative technologies and practices to create lasting value and learn what leading businesses are doing to address the sustainability imperative. Don’t miss this half-day gathering of member company executives and staff to discuss cutting edge business approaches to energy and sustainability issues. Click here for more information.

Education Summit: August 9

The annual Silicon Valley Education Policy Summit focuses on breaking down the silos between education, industry, and policy, in order to work together to improve education, expand pathways into well-paying jobs, and diversify the STEM pipeline. This event brings together nearly 400 industry executives, education advocates, and elected officials to engage in meaningful discussions to strengthen our education system. Click here for more information.

Women’s Event: August 26

In June of 1919, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the legislation that would allow women the right to vote the following year.  It is only fitting that we celebrate that vital milestone with the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives in the 249 year history of our nation. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group will celebrate how far women have come in the past 100 years, and an honest recognition of how much further we as a country still have to go.

Please join Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, for an audience-interactive Fireside Chat to culminate our afternoon together on Monday, August 26.  The Fireside Chat will be preceded by an amazing panel of women leaders from both the private and public sectors – each blazing trails for others to follow. Click here for more information. 

NOTICE: Speaker Pelosi and Representative Eshoo are appearing at this event as featured speakers. They are not asking for funds or donations.

Silicon Valley Leadership Group Annual Gala: Fall/Winter

This grand celebration of the South Bay’s first BART stations at Milpitas and Berryessa will highlight the partnership and collaborations that make this historic accomplishment possible. More information to come once construction is completed.

Annual Policy Luncheon: October 25

This event usually features a prominent public official as the keynote, as well as the possibility of a panel discussion.  The topics touch on a variety of policy areas and themes change annually. Prior to the event there is a roundtable discussion and invite-only pre-meeting (for senior officers of sponsor companies only). This event also usually honors one or two recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award, the criteria of which are: business excellence, impeccable ethics and community engagement. Click here for more information.

Young Women’s Leadership Summit: December 5

The Leadership Group regularly holds The Young Women’s and Young Men’s Leadership Summits to help empower young girls and boys from local under-resourced schools. These events are opportunities for adults from local companies and non-profit organizations to interact with students, with the goal to expose and engage students in careers and career planning, mentors, and the importance of a robust education in science and technology. Click here for more information.

Vital Workforce Conversations Series: Ongoing

As part of our effort to diversify and strengthen the local STEM talent pipeline, the Leadership Group series “Vital Workforce Conversations” brings together relevant community college leaders and member companies to have candid dialogues about the gap between community college training and industry needs in the health, technology, energy, and environment sectors. If human resources or hiring managers at your organization would like to participate, they may contact David Palter, Senior Associate of Workforce Policy at [email protected].

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