25x25 Company Profiles

Join global brands like Twitter, Western Digital Corporation, Lumentum and Zoom in committing to Pledge 25x25!

To Pledge 25x25, companies must complete these four steps:

1 - orientation

Complete an Orientation

Once your company takes the pledge, we will arrange a 45-minute orientation with your team to discuss how we will work together to manage your pledge activities .

2 - amplify

Amplify your Diversity Initiatives

We will coordinate with your team to amplify your company’s major diversity initiatives to spotlight conversations with your Chief Diversity Officer, Head of DEI, and/or your CEO.

3 - attend

Attend 25x25 Roundtables

The Bay Area Council and the Leadership Group will convene pledged 25×25 companies twice a year to make introductions, share best practices, and provide resources in our collective efforts. Roundtables will be exclusive to 25×25 pledged companies.

4 - promote

Promote Progress Annually

The Bay Area Council and the Leadership Group will feature 25×25 pledged companies once a year at an Annual Summit to showcase the progress made across all communities within the pledge.

25x25 Pledged Companies

Take the Pledge!

If you are interested in Pledge 25x25, please reach out to our team to schedule an introductory session. We would welcome the opportunity to share about the Pledge and our future plans.

Audrey Soriano, Sr. Associate of Racial Justice & Equity Policy: asoriano@svlg.org

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