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Winning Together: You win some and you lose some

Monte Bello Open Space Preserve in Palo Alto

You win some and you lose some.

And we often learn more from our defeats than our victories.

The year was 1990, and the engineers and entrepreneurs who lead and run innovation economy companies in Silicon Valley once again reveal their passion for the environment.

In partnership with the Greenbelt Alliance, the Santa Clara County Manufacturing Group champions a countywide Open Space Initiative on the November ballot.  To underscore the importance of a quality environment for our workers and their families, David Packard personally leads a nature hike with the Board of Directors.  In spite of a strong campaign, the two-thirds vote requirement for this new tax falls short, while still earning more than 64 percent yes vote.

The loss however, and the lessons learned, sets the stage for a successful Open Space measure just four years later, again with the strong support of the “Manufacturing Group” under the overall leadership of the Greenbelt Alliance.

Together, we place a stall on sprawl, with tens of thousands of acres of open space permanently preserved.

Join us for our 40th Anniversary Celebration on Friday evening, July 28.

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