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Winning Together: Sometimes the best offense is a good defense.

Jay Harris, San Jose Mercury News Publisher and SCVMG Board Member, speaks with 200 community leaders as the Manufacturing Group celebrates the opening of Highway 85.

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense.

That proved to be the case in 1986, when the Leadership Group had to play a defensive action against a citywide ballot measure in Saratoga to stop the construction of Highway 85 – funded through the 1984 Measure A – through the City.  The citywide ballot measure was soundly defeated.

Concurrently, the Leadership Group Board of Directors, working in tandem with the Golden Triangle Task Force, calls for a countywide system of carpool lanes, building on the one on Lawrence Expressway.  The goal is to not only move more cars, but to move more people per car, throughout the Valley.

Join us for our 40th Anniversary Celebration on Friday evening, July 28.

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