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What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Here’s food for thought . . . What have you done for me lately?

At the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, our 375 member company CEO’s deserve a strong return on their investment as we work to strengthen job creation in our region, state and nation.

In 2012, we delivered, with 38 quantifiable goals completed in our business plan. These included the direct flight between San Jose and Tokyo on ANA, $900 million in federal funds for our BART extension, $1 billion to improve and electrify Cal-train and the launch of a regional patent office in silicon valley in 2013.

All good, but now it’s time to focus on 2013, with equally ambitious goals. These include modernizing the California Environmental Quality Act, and resolving long-sought priorities in Washington, D.C., like immigration reform for highly-skilled workers and comprehensive corporate tax reform.

We don’t look back to applaud 2012 successes. Instead, we look forward with the quiet confidence that we have a firm foundation to aim even higher to strengthen our region, state and nation.

For a full list of 2012 accomplishments and 2013 goals, check out our web site at Better yet, join us. There is much to do, and much we can do together.

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