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We Need an Army, Not an Audience

Lawrence traffic

Lawrence Expressway

Here’s food for thought . . . In Silicon Valley, we don’t need an audience, we need an army.

On Tuesday, it took me 60 minutes to travel seven miles on Lawrence Expressway.

And I was in the carpool lane. It’s past time that we stopped fuming, and starting fixing the traffic congestion problems that plague our daily commutes.

It makes me more motivated than ever about our three-plus year effort to pass Measure B, for Better Commutes and Better Roads. Designed by traffic engineers and transportation professionals, Measure B will have a Game-Changing impact on key corridors like Lawrence, which will go from a “Level of Service F,” – near gridlock in the a.m. and p.m. commutes – to “Level of Service A” – near free-flow – throughout the day.

Please, learn more at

But back to our need for an army, not an audience, if Measure B is to be successful on November 8. In Silicon Valley, in our community, we don’t need an “audience” –

>> An audience is interested; but an army is involved
>> An audience sits back; while an army stands up
>> An audience puts others down; while an army lifts others up

Join me. Enlist today. Contact me directly at 408-501-7864, or visit Let’s get Silicon Valley moving again.

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  1. Carl, I could not agree more, as long as the measure B plan is extremly action oriented on all the major arteries. It’s gotten obsurd….85 is a parking lot from 6:30am. – 10am and from 3-7pm….Los Gatos and Saratoga need to step aside and help make it happen. San Thomas Expy is also a parking lot, Lawerence is stupid as you noted.

    Im a fan of toll roads….with funding going to maint, and expansion. Our hiways are filthy!

    Keep up the good work….Im happy to help!

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