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Voters reject Prop 23; California leading the way to a clean energy economy

Voters reject Prop 23; California leading the way to a clean energy economy

Contact: Steve Wright
Silicon Valley Leadership Group
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California voters overwhelmingly rejected Proposition 23 on Tuesday. The measure sought to indefinitely suspend California’s landmark climate and energy policies and threatened to undermine the growing clean technology sector, the one bright spot in an otherwise down economy.

While the Texas oil companies behind Proposition 23 tried to present voters with a false choice between a healthy economy and a healthy environment, Californians clearly understand that they can have both.

In Silicon Valley, entrepreneurs see unprecedented opportunity to create jobs and a greener future. All across the Valley, innovators and investors are pouring resources into solar power, biofuels, electric and plug-in hybrid and cars, fuel cells, energy-efficient computing and lighting, and sustainable building practices and materials. Companies like Silicon Valley Leadership Group members Sunpower, Applied Materials, Serious Materials, and Solaria are creating jobs in R&D, design, production, sales and installation.

The clean technology sector was united in stopping a proposition that threatened billions of dollars of investment, and hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Golden State.

Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino said, “California voters proved unequivocally that they support a strong economy built on renewable energy and a healthy environment. This sends a clear message to two Texas-based oil companies who want to keep us plugged in to their gas pumps, but it should also send a message to DC about America’s need for a renewable energy future.”

As California continues to lead the way, more people and more communities will see the benefits of clean energy, new jobs and increased national security. And, Silicon Valley will continue to develop the leading-edge technologies and services to fuel this new clean and green economy.

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