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Voters approve Prop.1 investment in affordable housing for veterans, working families, people with disabilities and many more Californians

Silicon Valley Leadership Group joins Senator Beall, Asm. Chiu, Pro Tem Atkins and 600+ organizations in celebrating a Prop. 1 victory & tackling the housing crisis

San Jose, CA – California elected officials, veterans, families, housing advocates and many others celebrated the passage of Proposition 1, the Veterans and Affordable Housing Act, as the polls closed in California tonight.

“This is a victory for all Californians, and I’m so proud of how we all came together to help people have the foundation of a stable, affordable home,” said Sen. Jim Beall, (D-San Jose), author of Senate Bill 3 that was passed by the Legislature in 2017 and became Prop 1. “We heard the demand for more affordable housing, knew we had to do something now to help our fellow Californians, and tonight we did it with Prop 1.”

“We have all felt the urgency to do something to help veterans, families and workers – people we know – have a safe place to sleep each night, and tonight we are taking that step with Prop 1. I applaud California voters and the incredible coalition who made it a top priority to address our housing and homelessness crises by putting more people into the stable, affordable housing they desperately need,” said Asm. David Chiu of San Francisco.

“What an honor to celebrate this passage of Prop 1 with our incredible coalition and the many Californians ready to make this important investment in affordable housing. We know that having a stable home will not only benefit the many veterans and children who will live in these homes but also strengthens our local communities and this is why Prop 1 is a win-win,” said Carl Guardino, CEO and President of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and co-chair of the coalition to pass Prop 1.

Prop 1 authorizes $4 billion in bonds to build and provide affordable housing for veterans, working families, people with disabilities, Californians experiencing homelessness and many others who need a stable, affordable home. Prop 1 is expected to build at least 50,000 units statewide, create 137,000 jobs and more than $23.4 billion in economic activity.

“With the passage of Prop 1 and especially the support for the CalVet Home Loan Program, veterans of all generations and their families can have a lifetime of support with a stable, affordable home. Home loan programs like CalVet open up opportunities for veterans to participate in the American Dream that their sacrifices have made possible,” said Gerald G. Wilson, Past State Commander with the Disabled American Veterans, Department of California.

“We are thrilled Prop 1 passed, indicating voters recognize the need for solutions that allow every Californian equitable access to affordable, stable places to live, so that we all benefit. Communities experience greater stability, inclusivity and prosperity with better health, education and employment outcomes when we invest in affordable homes,” said Lisa Hershey, Executive Director of Housing California and co-chair of the coalition to pass Prop 1.

“The passage of Prop 1 is a tremendous step forward that will begin to provide the affordable housing needed by California’s veterans, working families, people with disabilities and people on the brink of homelessness. Voters are clear: affordable housing is a priority in California and the time for solutions is now,” said Ray Pearl, Executive Director of California Housing Consortium and co-chair of the coalition to pass Prop 1.

Prop 1 was supported by a broad coalition of more than 600 organizations, from veterans’ organizations to affordable housing advocates, business and labor leaders to cities and many more groups committed to helping Californians have safe, affordable homes. The campaign’s Executive Committee was led by four key organizations: California Housing Consortium, Housing California, Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California. A Steering Committee of respected leaders and organizations across many sectors also supported the campaign and included: Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins, Sen. Beall, Asm. Chiu, housing advocate Jennifer LaSar, California Association of Veterans Services Agencies, California League of Cities, California State Commanders Veterans Council, Dignity Health, Habitat for Humanity California and the Steinberg Institute.

“The California Labor movement has been on the front lines of the fight for housing affordability for working families and veterans. Prop 1 is an investment that builds for the future while also creating good jobs and apprenticeship opportunities for young workers. We would like to especially thank Pro Tem Atkins, Sen. Beall, Asm. Chiu and Sen. Richard Pan – our champions of affordable housing who have been steadfastly committed to providing families with a safe place to live,” said Robbie Hunter, President of State Building and Construction Trades Council of California and co-chair of the coalition to pass Prop 1.

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