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Stop $11.5 Billion-A-Year Property Tax Hike on Business

The Leadership Group strongly opposes Prop 15, the largest property tax increase in California history. Prop 15 will destroy Prop 13’s tax protections for all business properties, disproportionally affecting minority-owned small business.

If passed, Prop 15 will increase the cost of living in our state by making everything more expensive—groceries, fuel, utilities, day care, and health care—at a time when Californians can least afford it.

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End California’s Constitutional Ban on Affirmative Action

The Leadership Group strongly supports the passage of Prop 16, which would repeal Prop 209, passed in 1996, which placed a California constitutional ban on the use of race-based or sex-based affirmative action.

If Prop 16 passes, the state government, local governments, public universities, and other political subdivisions and public entities would—within the limits of federal law—be allowed to develop and use affirmative action programs that grant preferences based on race, sex, color, ethnicity, and national origin in public employment, public education, and public contracting.

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Allow App-based Drivers to Work as Independent Contractors

The California Legislature passed drastic new legislation that threatens to make it illegal for app-based drivers to choose independent work threatening hundreds of thousands of jobs.

The Leadership Group urges a YES Vote on Prop 22, which would allow Californians to continue to make the decision to work as independent contractors with app-based rideshare, food, and grocery delivery platforms.

Prop 22 would save hundreds of thousands of jobs at a time when millions are struggling to pay their bills as well as provide important protections for both drivers and riders.

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Rescue Caltrain. Relieve Traffic. Reduce Pollution.

The Leadership Group strongly supports Measure RR. We are at risk of losing Caltrain, an essential part of the Bay Area’s transportation network, due to COVID-19. A YES vote will rescue Caltrain, relieve traffic & reduce pollution, while making it more equitable and accessible to all.

Measure RR is on the ballot in three Bay Area counties — San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara — and, if approved, would increase the sales tax in these counties by one-eighth of a cent to provide the critical funding needed to ensure Caltrain’s survival.

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Renew the Safe, Clean Water & Natural Flood Protection Program

The Leadership Group proudly supports Measure S, which continues critical funding to protect the supply of safe, clean water in Santa Clara County, without raising taxes.

Measure S would raise approximately $45.5 million each year for Santa Clara Valley Water District’s (Valley Water’s) Safe, Clean Water and Natural Flood Protection Program. The funds raised would be used in six priority areas including: public health and safety, flood protection, wildlife habitat, improved water quality in waterways, natural disaster resilience, and reliable water supply.

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In preparation for the upcoming November 2020 general election, the Leadership Group provided questionnaires to candidates running for local, county, and state offices on the ballot.

The races are among Silicon Valley’s most prominent. Candidates from throughout the Bay Area answered questions that were not only relevant to the Silicon Valley Leadership Group’s policy priorities but also important to those who work and live in Silicon Valley.

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