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Turning a Negative into a Positive

Here’s food for thought… Setbacks are really opportunities dressed up like disappointments.

Last week, while on a routine track workout at Los Gatos High School, a flash of hot pain in my right knee stopped me dead in my tracks. After 40 years as an athlete, I instantly knew what the MRI and my doctor would soon confirm- I had torn my meniscus and would need surgery.

Goodbye Rock-n-Roll half marathon, which I have trained for these past four months. Goodbye Applied Materials Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, a race my wife Leslee and I founded which I still direct through our Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation.

Decision time: I could feel sorry for myself or I can look for an opportunity around this obstacle. Attitude is everything.

First, running and biking are now on-hold, so I will focus on becoming a better swimmer.

Second, time spent training can become more time invested in my children Jessica and Siena.

Third, I may not run our Silicon Valley Turkey Trot, but I can root for the 25,000 participants we expect to join us.

When a door is closed to us, it is time to check the windows. Another opportunity may be right there in front of us.

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