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There’s “No Place Like Home,” unless you cannot afford one.

There’s “No Place Like Home,” unless you cannot afford one.

This was as true in 1993 as it is today.

Building coalitions to build stronger communities, not solely more homes.  This has always been the foundation of the Leadership Group.  Unlikely alliances of employers, often competitors in the marketplace, brought the Leadership Group together.  Unlikely alliances with others in our communities is equally essential to our collective success.

This is never more true than in the emotionally-charged, often difficult decisions around building quality homes in our communities to serve the needs of working families.  It is why, in 1993, with the thoughtful leadership of Don Weden with County Planning staff, the Leadership Group created the “Housing Action Coalition.”  The goal was simple, but the execution challenging – to advocate, legislate and educate for “Homes that are well-built, relatively affordable and appropriately located” to build better communities.  Soon, our Housing Action Coalition would consist of 200 partner organizations and individuals from the business, labor, environmental, neighborhood and faith communities.  Over the 22-year life of the Housing Action Coalition, the group successfully advocated for more than 250 sound housing developments that met our rigorous criteria.

Epilogue – Our Housing Action Coalition was recently folded into “[email protected],” in which we are proud to participate.

Join us for our 40th Anniversary Celebration on Friday evening, July 28.

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