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The Visa Lottery

Here’s good for thought … “The lottery.”

A random lottery is not how America should recruit for talent.

Yet a lottery system – the luck of the draw – is what the U.S. government believes is the best way for innovation economy companies to compete for top talent born around the globe.

Adding to the irony, April 1st – yes, April Fools’ Day – is the annual day the visa lottery for talent begins.

After 9/11, an artificial annual cap of 65,000 was set for high-skill, high-wage, high-tech workers. The number is so artificially low that the applications exceed it in a single day. Then everyone waits to see if they win the global war for talent based solely on luck.

America can do better. Pass the U.S. Senate’s bi-partisan “I-Squared” bill. Help America better educate kids blessed to be born in the United States while also recruiting the best and brightest kids born around the world.

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  1. USCIS received 233,000 H-1B petitions during the filing period this year. But it’s not 233,000 applicants. Some people are abusing the system by filing multiple petitions with different employers. There are even consulting companies making money on this: you got multiple job offers from multiple consulting companies, but all the job offers are about working for the same client.

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