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The “100 Percent”

At City Halls across our country, we read about the “99 percent” angry with the federal government, business and the “1 percent” of Americans with the highest incomes.

I am not part of the “1 percent,” and while I appreciate the frustration of those calling themselves the “99 percent,” I have but one simple request. Why don’t we all work together to strengthen our nation as the “100 percent.” United, perhaps we can stop pointing fingers and join arms.

* From the left, I often hear that the “one percent” hold 20 percent of the nation’s wealth. Yet they also pay 37 percent of all federal income tax, and closer to 50 percent of California’s state income tax.

* From the right, I hear that 47 percent of American adults pay zero federal income tax and zero state income tax.

Here’s my view – 100 percent of us benefit when we have good schools; decent roads; and a safety net for our most vulnerable citizens. If you agree, then 100 percent of us should be willing to contribute to funding these priorities.

It’s tempting, yet all too easy, to say what we want, but then insist only others pay for it. Let’s unite, invest, and strengthen our nation. That’s a movement I could get behind – 100 percent.

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