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Tech Leaders Applaud Senate Action on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – June 27 –  After extensive advocacy work focused on overhauling the U.S.
immigration system to better create new jobs and industries here at home, leading technology
and innovation organizations today applauded the Senate for approving a bipartisan
comprehensive immigration reform bill (S. 744).
The organizations are: Association for Competitive Technology (ACT); BSA | The Software
Alliance; CompeteAmerica; Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA);
CompTIA; Consumer Electronics Association (CEA); Engine; Information Technology Industry
Council (ITI); inSPIRE STEM USA; Internet Association; Partnership for a New American
Economy; SEMI; Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA); SIIA – Software & Information
Industry Association; Silicon Valley Leadership Group; TechAmerica; TechNet; and, Technology
CEO Council.
“Immigration reform is central to America’s long-term ability to create new jobs and remain the
world’s innovation leader. The strong, bipartisan support in the Senate for balanced immigration
legislation is a significant step away from old, misguided stereotypes and toward a stronger
future for American workers and American communities.
“The many reforms in the Senate legislation that impact high-skilled immigration will help solve
our national talent shortage in the near-term, while also creating an effective long-term pipeline
of American workers through new investments in science, technology, engineering and math
(STEM) education. The bill also would ensure American workers have the opportunity to fully
participate in the innovation economy, and enable employers and entrepreneurs of all sizes in
every state to recruit and retain the world’s best talent to work in America.
“With its bipartisan proposal, the Senate Gang of 8 set the tone for a productive debate and established a strong foundation for Senate action. They came together motivated by the harsh reality that our immigration system is broken and reform is critical if we are to achieve our full economic potential. We appreciate the careful consideration given by all the Senators who came together to shape and pass a bill that focuses on America’s national economic interests.
“The Senate vote is a major achievement, but it is also just another step in the process of shaping a new immigration system. We welcome efforts in the House of Representatives to move forward with immigration reform, and we look forward to progress that will lead to a truly modern immigration system. If we want next-generation industries to be founded in St. Louis instead of Shenzhen, then policymakers must seize this moment and produce legislation that all sides can support. Done right, immigration reform will result in a stronger innovation economy for the U.S., with new industries, new jobs, and new opportunities.”


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