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Supes Vote To Put Traffic Relief Measure On The Ballot

Supes Vote to Put Traffic Relief Measure on the Ballot

It’s official. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors recently voted to place Regional Measure 3 on the 2018 June ballot. RM3 is a comprehensive measure that will provide critical funding for a wide variety of transportation projects around the Bay Area. If passed it will mean an increase to bridge tolls of up to $3 to be phased in beginning January 2019.The ballot measure must secure a majority of the cumulative vote from all nine Bay Area counties to pass.

RM3 began in the state Legislature as Senate Bill 595 authored by Sen. Jim Beall of San Jose and was passed and signed into law by Governor Brown in the fall of 2017. It provides critical funding for our transit needs here in Santa Clara County including Hwy. 101 traffic relief, BART Segment Two extension to downtown San Jose’s Diridon Station, Dumbarton Bridge and Interstate 680 improvements as well as the Eastridge to BART regional connector.

“Traffic congestion is a regional problem requiring regional solutions. That’s why we’re excited that Santa Clara County residents will have an opportunity to vote for RM3, a measure funding large transportation improvements that will reduce traffic and expand transit choices along the most congested corridors in our region,” said

Silicon Valley Leadership Group CEO Carl Guardino, who’s also a member of the CA Transportation Commission.

The measure is expected to generate $4.5 billion aimed at easing congestion. The Leadership Group is co-championing RM3 along with the Bay Area Council and SPUR to help solve the Bay Area’s growing congestion problems. Click here to learn more about RM3.

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