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Steve Jobs

In a Valley known globally for innovation and entrepreneurship, Steve Jobs is a first among equals.

He co-founded apple with Steve Wozniak, came back to revive the company years later, and came back again after his diagnosis with pancreatic cancer and a liver transplant.

Sadly, he has announced an indefinite leave of absence, once again, to focus on his health.

I have never met nor worked with Steve Jobs, yet like millions of people across our nation and world, I have been touched by apple’s technology and innovation. I typed this Food for Thought message on my Mac Book Pro, jogged this morning listening to my iPod, and watched a weekend movie with my six-year old daughter on our iPad.

His visionary leadership is looked upon by other CEO’s. When I ask executives which CEO they most admire, the most common response is Steve Jobs.

Many media stories right now are focused on the future of Apple. That is understandable and important. At such a time as this, however, let’s focus first on the future of Steve Jobs and his family. Yes, he is a technology giant. He is also a human being – a husband, a father and friend.

Steve, our thoughts and our prayers are with you. May you recover completely and return quickly.

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