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Statement Regarding The Regional Measure 3 Lawsuit

Statement regarding the Regional Measure 3 lawsuit

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group issued the following statement responding to a lawsuit seeking to invalidate Regional Measure 3, an initiative approved by almost 54 percent of Bay Area voters on June 5 to invest $4.5 billion to ease the region’s worsening traffic and expand and improve mass transit. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group partnered with the Bay Area Council and SPUR to run the successful campaign for RM3.

“It has become standard practice among the opposition of well written and legal transportation measures to turn to the courts once the voters have had their say. What this lawsuit says is that ‘if I can’t beat them at the polls,​ I will try my luck in ​the courts.’​​ Regional Measure 3 ​followed all of the proper steps and​ ​p​assed by ​​the eyes of the many legal teams at the California State Legislature, Governor Brown’s Office and all 9-Counties in the Bay Area. The need of ​’​taxpayer groups’​ to delay this much needed funding for traffic relief and transportation projects is astonishing and will only anger the very taxpayers they claim to represent. The Silicon Valley Leadership Group stands by Regional Measure 3 and will continue to back its efforts to provide traffic relief throughout the 9-Counties in the​ Bay Area, specifically those who must travel
​our​ overly congested bridges.”​

-Carl Guardino, President & CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group

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